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What Is a Referral Form?

A Referral Form is a document that can be used in many different situations when an entity, represented by one of their specialists, wants to refer their client to another entity for a particular reason. The purpose of the document is to provide the client with a specialist that can provide services that the client requires and the referring specialist does not have the ability to provide.

Referral Forms are very popular and are adapted in different spheres of life. For example, they can be used in health care when a patient is referred to another medical facility, in retail when a customer is referred to a business, or in manufacturing when contractors are referred to a company, etc.

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Types of Referral Forms

Generally, Referral Forms require you to fill in information about the referring party, information about the receiving party, the client’s information (or patient’s information, depending on the type of Referral Form), the reason why the client has been referred, and what kind of services they require. Its content can be changed due to the situation and reasons why the form is being used, although most parts will still be included.

  1. A Generic Referral Form is a universal form that can be used when a business wants to refer its client to another business. The form can be used when a business does not provide goods or services that the client would like to purchase.
  2. A Real Estate Referral Form is a legal agreement that can be used by real estate agents when they want to refer their client to another agent. In exchange for the client, the referring agent receives a fee. This type of document is mostly used when the client requests services that the referring agent does not provide or is out of their jurisdiction.
  3. A Patient Referral Form (or "Medical Referral Form") is a form that can be used by a medical specialist to refer the patient from their practice to another specialist, treatment, or facility. The form can be used when a patient is in need of treatment that cannot be provided by this particular specialist or medical facility.

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This form is used for referring real estate clients from one agent to another. It helps facilitate the transfer of client information and ensures a smooth referral process.

This type of template is prepared to arrange a transfer of an individual from one doctor to another.

This type of template can be used on behalf of a person who needs a recommendation for employment, enrollment in an educational institution or a specific program, or treatment in a medical facility.

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