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Partnership Forms are documents that individuals can use when they are about to form a partnership or when they have already established one. These forms are supposed to create a system of rights and obligations inside the partnership, regulate the relationships between all of the partners, describe the processes that can occur while the partnership exists and how to manage them. Looking for printable partnership forms? Download them from our library.

All agreements for partnerships have similarities with each other. They all follow a certain structure typical for these kinds of contracts, contain a thorough description of the partnership and information about the partners. Nevertheless, there are several distinctions due to the fact that they all have different subjects and are supposed to be used in different situations.

The same set of legal forms can be applied to various types of partnerships, such as general partnerships, limited partnerships, and others, as well as joint ventures. Even though there will be a few distinctions in the agreements, most of the content will stay the same. The main legal forms for partnerships and joint ventures include the following documents:

  1. A Partnership Agreement is a legal contract that is signed between individuals who intend to become partners and form a business to make a profit long term. It regulates the relationship between partners, their rights and responsibilities, and designates how the partnership will be managed.
  2. A Profit Sharing Agreement is a document that regulates and formalizes the process of sharing partnership profits between involved parties (partners). It secures the position of each partner by ordering how the profits should be divided and who can participate in it.
  3. A Partnership Dissolution Agreement is a legal agreement that is used when partners want to end their partnership. The document outlines the plan of breaking the partnership and designates steps that are supposed to be taken in order to finalize the dissolution process.
  4. A Notice of Withdrawal from Partnership is a letter that is used by a partner who would like to notify other partners that they would like to leave the partnership. The main purpose of the document is to announce the upcoming withdrawal and inform partners that their shares can be acquired.
  5. A Joint Venture Agreement is an agreement between parties that have decided to combine their resources in order to achieve a common goal. Generally, the document regulates the relationship between parties that associate for a short period of time, as well as states their obligations, shares, etc.

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You may use this legal contract to explain how the band operates and how the decisions regarding the band are to be made.

The purpose of this document is to create a plan for the dissolution of a partnership, that will contain the steps that are supposed to be made in order to break the partnership.

This legal contract regulates the process of sharing partnership profits between the parties involved.

This is a formal contract signed by two or more businesses that agree to join their resources to work together on a specific project or task.

This type of document may be used when one member of a partnership wishes to legally exit their existing partnership.

This is a legal contract signed by individuals who intend to become partners and form a company with the intent of making a profit.

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