Free Business Card Templates

What Is a Business Card?

A Business Card is a piece of paper that specifies the contact details of a person or the company they represent. It is an effective marketing tool that lets business people build rapport with prospective clients and other organizations - inform them about your work and tell them how to reach you if they are interested in a collaboration or employing you to do a job.

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Business Card Template Types

  • A Blank Business Card Template can be customized to your liking from scratch - decide what font to use for your own name and the name of your company, feature a slogan that attracts the attention of a future client, and insert small images that will make your card one-of-a-kind;
  • Double-Sided Business Card Template. Whatever text or graphics you plan to add to your Business Card, it is reasonable to use both sides without overloading one of them. The back of the card can showcase a logo that represents your business or you may list different ways people can find you online;
  • A Minimalist Business Card Template is perfect for professionals that focus on essentials - and a card they offer to others is no exception. This kind of Business Card usually mentions the name of the person or their entity and informs how to find them - no distractions, no extravagances;
  • A Square Business Card Template will allow you to make a statement - as long as it fits the pocket or wallet of the person you give it to, there is no need to worry about a traditional rectangular shape;
  • Vertical Business Card Template. If your objective is to make a distinctive Business Card, go for a vertical design - this is an unconventional way to share information about your company. Short words and elongated illustrations you plan to feature on your card will look better on a vertical card.

What Size Is a Business Card?

The standard Business Card size is 3.5x2 inches - they are sufficiently small to fit in the pocket of a jacket or a wallet without inconveniencing the person receiving the card. Besides, most cards whether it is a credit card or a voucher are of the same size which allows the individual to carry or keep them all together. If you wish to pick a custom size for your Business Card, try to stay within the dimensions of a traditional card so that the recipient is still able to fit the card in the cardholder of their choice.

What to Put on a Business Card?

It is up to a business owner or certified professional to figure out what details about their work matter most to share with other people right away and establish a connection right away. However, most modern Business Cards indicate the name of the company or the name of the person who represents the business, the job title of the individual identified on the card (if necessary), and the contact information (a telephone number, address, social media handles).

When it comes to the decorative aspect, you may go for a simple black-and-white design without additional pictures, limit yourself to a small image of a symbol or emblem representing your company, or select a pattern that will adorn the previously blank back side of the Business Card. The use of barcodes has become rather popular in recent years - it may be the only unusual component of your card which lets smartphone users go to your website within seconds.

How to Make a Business Card?

You have an opportunity to minimize your expenses if you personalize your Business Cards without ordering them from a print shop. Here are some Business Card ideas you can utilize:

  1. Select the right paper type for your Business Cards. Many professionals lately opted for plastic since it is a more durable material which is harder to damage but paper remains the most widespread choice. Cardstock or gloss cover paper will do - the regular paper you use for writing will be too thin. Think about the texture of the paper as well to elevate the look of the card.

  2. Map out the visual elements of the card with a pen and paper or computer software. This step depends on your personal preferences - you may wish to feature your logo as the prominent element of the card, focus on different ways the customers and business partners can contact you, or insert illustrations and drawings required to market your business.

  3. Before you make the final version of the Business Card, try out some drafts and see whether the information is readable and concise. You can print a bunch of cards on your home printing device and cut the paper sheet into identical rectangles making dozens of Business Cards at once.

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This type of document is a pre-designed template for creating business cards in Nebraska.

This document template is for a business card without an address, and includes space for a Facebook account. Perfect for professionals in Nebraska looking for a clean and convenient design.

This type of business card template is designed without including address, Facebook and Twitter details specifically for individuals or businesses located in Nebraska. It provides a convenient way to provide contact information without sharing additional social media or location details.

This business card template is designed for people or businesses in Nebraska who want to include their Twitter handle but not their physical address on their business cards.

This business card template features a minimalist design, perfect for creating a sleek and professional image for your business. Customize the template with your own contact information for a clean and modern look.

This document provides a blank template for creating business cards. Use it to design professional and personalized business cards for your company or personal use.

This template is used for creating double-sided business cards. It helps you design and print professional-looking business cards that showcase your contact information and promote your business or personal brand.

This document provides a template for designing a square business card. Use it to create a unique and eye-catching business card for your company or personal brand.

This template is used for creating vertical business cards. It provides a design layout that can be customized with your own business information.

This document is used for creating business cards for individuals serving in the United States Army in Europe (USAREUR).

This type of document is used to provide contact information for individuals or businesses in Indiana.

This form is used for providing business card information to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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