A Coupon is a small voucher or certificate distributed by the business to offer discounts on various services and goods. Commonly used by chain stores, it can be exchanged for goods or a discount of any size by its holder. Here are some tips on how to make a unique coupon for your customers:

  • Choose the design that matches your marketing campaign - you can use the same colors, slogans, and offers that attract the attention of the client when they see your advertisements elsewhere;
  • Personalize the Coupon template with your own logo and graphics already known to your customers - it will make it more recognizable;
  • Insert the offer - for instance, your Coupon may give the client a 50% discount on a certain category of goods. You can provide customers with promo codes they can use when coming to your store or ordering items online as an additional incentive to purchase from you;
  • State an expiration date - it will motivate the client to use the Coupon as soon as they can instead of waiting for months;
  • Add other rules for the Coupon use - some companies do not allow combine the discount from the Coupon with other discounts or offers;
  • Do not make a Coupon too big - it has to be small to fit into a wallet.

If you are looking for printable Coupon templates, download them below:

  1. A Gift Coupon allows individuals to get a free item from the business. It is usually given to a customer after they made a major purchase to build a rapport with them and inspire brand loyalty.
  2. A Birthday Coupon is typically used for a few days before and after the person's birthday. Anyone can utilize this Coupon by coming to a store and presenting documentation that verifies their date of birth along with a Coupon.
  3. Christmas Coupons are generally valid during December - you can use them to buy presents at a reduced price or receive a free item from the business once you have already bought enough items of a certain value.
  4. A Mother's Day Coupon is presented to a mother by her family or friends or found in the media or online during the festive period - within a limited period of time, the recipient of the Coupon can get a personalized discount from the establishment that announced the offer.

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