Fun Ideas to Celebrate Halloween With Your Kids in 2023

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Halloween With Your Kids in 2023

October is the time to think about Halloween – and parents have an opportunity to arrange a spectacular celebration for their kids. Children love Halloween - it is a chance to play dress-up, eat candies, and stay up past their regular bedtime. Check out our guide and learn how to plan a party for your child, work on the costume that will set them apart from everyone else, and entertain the kid and their friends if you prefer to celebrate Halloween in a large company.

What to Do on Halloween With Kids?

Whether your child is of kindergarten age or they are attending school already, Halloween is the time of the year when the kid can dress in funny or scary clothes and celebrate with you or their friends. Halloween activities for kids are diverse – here are some examples for you:

  1. Involve the kid in the process of decorating the residence and the front porch. The preparations may start a week before Halloween – for example, use Pumpkin Carving Templates to help the children decorate the vegetables you put outside. Be careful, however, do not let the kid carve out the pumpkin without you in the room or kitchen!
  2. Book a haunted house tour if there is a spooky mansion somewhere nearby. It does not have to be an old building urban legends talk about – a haunted attraction can simulate the experience and scare every visitor!
  3. Be ready to trick-or-treat with your children – if they do not attend school yet, it is better for them to be accompanied by an adult; otherwise, it is perfectly fine to let several kids walk around the neighborhood with fake cauldrons or tote bags, knock on doors, and get candies and chocolate bars from local residents that also celebrate Halloween.

How to Throw a Halloween Party for Kids?

Follow these instructions if you planning to host a Halloween party for your children and their classmates and peers:

  1. Inform the children and their parents about the upcoming celebration. You may notify them via email or ask the kid to give personalized invitations to the kids they are friends with. The invite has to state the date, time, and location of the party, indicate the dress code (if this is a costume party), and briefly tell the future guests what awaits them – for instance, you want to take the kids trick-or-treating or organize a movie night.
  2. Decorate the place and have enough appetizers and drinks for the party. At a minimum, there should be one room covered in fake spider webs, bats, skulls, and pumpkins. You can work on the Halloween Lantern Template to create a customized illumination source for the living room where you gather the party guests.
  3. Every child should something special from you once the party is over – prepare Halloween gifts for kids that come to your house. You can give them Halloween Coloring Pages, distribute sweets and stationery, or purchase various items from the prank shop – the presents are supposed to be age-appropriate.

What to Do at a Kids Halloween Party?

Spend several hours with your kids and their friends to entertain them on Halloween:

  1. Dim the lights, light the candle (replace it with a flashlight if necessary), and ask the kids to share scary stories. You can kickstart the evening by telling the first one – it does not have to be true, find inspiration in fairy tales and movies you know well and kids have not heard before.
  2. Younger children can benefit from puzzles, riddles, and games that develop their imagination and motor skills. See our collection of Halloween Activity Sheets and choose the labyrinth they can solve, the drawings they can analyze to find the right answer, or the Halloween-themed crossword they will do with other guests.
  3. Announce a contest – you can inform the guests about it in advance when sending out invites. The kid that wears the best costume (as voted by the guests) can receive a prize – accompanied by the Halloween Certificate Template you may design and complete once their win is confirmed.

How to Make a Halloween Costume for Kids?

If you are looking for Halloween costume ideas for kids, here are some tips for you – make this holiday unforgettable for your children:

  1. Take the kid’s preferences into consideration. You may like a different movie character than the one they choose or you may want to have matching costumes with your son or daughter but you should focus on their taste and opinion first – do not go for a joke only adults will understand, instead, you can make a silly costume you child will enjoy. A younger child will, however, like a traditional fantasy animal, cartoon character, or a scary monster, without making your life too hard.
  2. Most kids love superheroes whether they are fans of comic books or movies – and luckily, this is an easy costume to make. A cape that is basically a piece of fabric, bright turtleneck and tights you can find in the child’s closet and save money, the first letter of their first name or the name of the superhero sewn or glued on their chest, and a mask to “hide” their identity – it will not take you long to make your child happy. A proper face covering is often the key element of the look – check Halloween Mask Templates and allow the child to select one.
  3. Think about the practical side of the matter. If your child goes trick-or-treating, will they be warm? Is it reasonable to spend a lot of money on a costume if the kid is clumsy and will get it dirty or rip it? Can you make several similar kids Halloween costumes for your children to follow a particular theme or recreate a movie scene? Consider all the aspects of the celebration for a while and only then invest your time and money into a festive outfit.

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