Free New Year Templates

New Year is coming - is there a better time for a fresh start? While you are getting ready to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, it is important to remember who to send a greeting card to, how to decorate your place for the guests' amusement, what traditions you may learn more about to broaden your horizons, and what goals you should set for the upcoming twelve months. Start your New Year with a clean slate - and the lists, worksheets, and patterns we offer will help you with that!

You may see a full list of New Year templates by checking out our library below.

New Year Template Types 

  • New Year's Resolution Template. Once January starts, you should stick to your decisions related to personal accomplishments - whether you want to reach a particular goal or quit a harmful habit, remind yourself of self-improvement targets by putting them in writing;
  • New Year’s Eve Invitation Templates will be useful for individuals that plan to host a party at their own residence and for companies that organize a formal dinner in order to build authentic business relationships with existing and potential partners - let the guests know about the celebration;
  • New Year Card Template. Send your best wishes to people dear to your heart if for some reason you cannot see them in person during this festive season - express your affection and gratitude with the help of thoughtful words written in a greeting card;
  • A New Year Hat Template can be customized in case you are arranging an informal celebration for your friends or hosting an event for a larger audience - New Year festivities imply fun and colorful looks, and the guests' outfits can be elevated if they are provided with fancy hats to complete them;
  • New Year Flyer Template. Inform local residents about a party your establishment throws to celebrate the holidays - alternatively, retail stores and restaurants may promote special discounts for their clients and boost their sales at the end of the year;
  • A New Year Calendar can be customized to create a unique gift for the recipient or filled in with important dates they need to remember throughout the upcoming twelve months - figure out what design is perfect for your purpose;
  • New Year's Potluck Sign-Up Sheet Template. Host an unforgettable dinner for all the participants by asking them to bring dishes and drinks to share with the rest of the guests - use this New Year template to collect data about the food that will appear on the table;
  • Chinese New Year Worksheets will be valuable for teachers and parents whose objective is to teach the kids about the Chinese New Year traditions and customs via play;
  • Chinese New Year Lantern Template. A Lantern is one of the most iconic symbols of New Year in Chinese culture - create your own to decorate your house or office and engage your family or students in the process to build a deeper connection with them.

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