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Envelope Template: What Is It?

An Envelope Template is a flexible tool which makes it easier to create and customize envelopes for different uses. It acts as a guide, offering a structure for creating envelopes that are appropriate for particular requirements and situations. The fact that envelope templates are available in a variety of styles, each with a specific purpose, is what truly sets them apart.

The basic business envelope template is one form of typical envelope templates. For business correspondence, including mailing letters, bills, or formal papers, this timeless design is frequently employed.

There are options for invite envelopes if you want to add a touch of class and style. Such envelopes were created especially for formal occasions, such as marriages and receptions. They frequently come in different sizes and could have decorative components to provide a lasting first impression.

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Additionally, other templates are designed specifically for advertising reasons in the field of promotion and postal mail. Receivers may be able to peek inside those envelopes without opening them thanks to window cutouts. These templates are frequently employed to convey promotional materials, boosting the promotional message's influence.

A printable envelope template will also be useful for producing envelopes that are specifically sized or printed. Templates like these enable customization in line with individual or corporate branding.

Envelope Template Types

  • An A2 Envelope Template is created to provide a flawlessly suited envelope that gives your letter an official appearance and fits A2-sized cards or invites;
  • An A6 Envelope Template is perfect for smaller cards or invites, providing a convenient and stylish way to convey individual messages or party notices;
  • An A7 Envelope Template is ideal for including cards with greetings, pictures, or similar invites for special occasions;
  • A Cash Envelope Template provides a chic and safe method to offer financial presents for weddings, birthdays, or other events; has been designed to contain money or gift certificates;
  • A Heart Envelope Template gives your writing a dash of romanticism, which makes it ideal for romantic letters, Valentine's Day greetings, or sentimental messages;
  • A Mini Envelope Template is a lovely choice for making tiny, adorable envelopes which can contain mini notes, present labels, or perhaps unexpected surprises;
  • A Seed Packet Template is a beautiful option for wedding favors, gardening-themed activities, or environmentally friendly campaigns because it lets you make personalized seed packs.

How to Make an Envelope Template?

Making customized envelope templates is a creative and useful approach to give your letter an original look. You are able to develop an envelope template that properly fits your demands and taste with just a few easy steps, giving every item a special and unforgettable design:

  • Select the envelope template's dimensions . The size of the items the envelope is going to contain should be measured. To achieve a decent fit, give yourself a little additional room, but bear in mind that a tight fit is best for keeping what's inside secured throughout delivery;
  • Sketch the envelope's contour . Start by drawing a rectangular shape whose sides match the required envelope's dimensions. Ensure that there is sufficient room to accommodate folds which will fold inward to encapsulate the contents;
  • After the design is finished, use scissors to gently cut across the drawn lines . Take care to make accurate and tidy cuts, as these will affect the overall look and usability;
  • After that, bend the folds inwards following the marked lines . To make clean, equal folds, use a ruler and to hold each fold in position, add some glue. To guarantee a tidy and professional end, pay attention to carefully aligning your edges and corners;
  • Your personalized envelope template is now prepared for usage ! Put your preferred items inside, fold the envelope, and close it with a little adhesive. You have been successful at making an exclusive envelope that showcases your distinctive taste and gives your messages a unique feel;
  • You are welcome to play around with various materials, hues, or ornamental elements to fully personalize the envelope templates . To make every envelope truly distinctive and interesting, add bands, stamps, or patterns created by hand.

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This document provides a template for creating an A2 sized envelope, along with step-by-step instructions on how to properly fold and assemble it. It's beneficial for those looking to customize their own envelopes for personal or business use.

This document serves as a guide to accurately format and print on A2 size envelopes, specially designed for A&M entities. It helps ensure the correct placement of addresses and stamps.

This document contains patterns for creating small-sized envelopes. Useful for a variety of occasions such as gifting cards, handmade jewelry, or small crafts. Ideal resource for DIY and craft enthusiasts.

This document provides a structural guide for individuals seeking to design or print their own envelope liners, specifically tailored to fit A2 size envelopes.

This template is used for creating personalized liners for A2 envelopes. Ideal for adding a touch of creativity to your mailings, invitations, or holiday greetings.

This Mini Envelope Template is a design by the popular brand Vera Bradley, known for their stylish and colorful bags and accessories. It is a template that can be used to create small envelopes for various purposes, such as gift cards or notes.

This document is a guide for creating mini envelopes, ideal for personal note keeping, gifting or crafting purposes. It could involve instructions, dimensions, and perhaps an outlined pattern to be followed.

This document provides a printable blueprint for creating your own mini envelopes. The design features a decorative blue frame, suitable for crafts, invitations or other DIY paper projects.

This template is designed for creating personalized invitation in the shape of a baby diaper, specially for welcoming or celebrating a baby girl. It also includes an envelope design template. Ideal for baby showers, gender reveal parties or newborn announcements.


This document provides a variety of designs and formats for inviting friends, family, or neighbors to celebrate a new home. It includes both invitation and envelope templates that can be easily customized and printed.


This document is a guide for creating envelopes specifically designed to hold gift cards. It provides a layout to be printed, cut-out and folded, enabling you to present your gift cards in a personalized manner.

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