Wedding Song List Template

Wedding Song List Template

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Wedding Song List: What Is It?

A Wedding Song List refers to a list of musical pieces that will be played during the wedding. Share this document with the band or singer that is going to perform at the upcoming wedding ceremony - this way, you can ask them to play the songs the couple loves most or at least adjust their regular playlist to suit the tastes of the bride and groom.

Whether you are hiring wedding musicians, inviting a DJ to play your favorite songs, or simply using the means available to you to compile a soundtrack for the most memorable event of your life, you should select the compositions for different parts of the wedding.

You can find a Wedding Song List template below.

There will be a particular song for the couple to have their first dance to, a song to play when the newlyweds cut the cake, and songs for the background to create a romantic atmosphere at the venue. If you are giving someone an opportunity to decide what songs to feature in the playlist, you should also indicate the exceptions - songs that cannot be played or artists the couple dislikes.

The spreadsheet you are preparing is also supposed to record the length of every song so that it synchs with the timeline of the wedding ceremony - for instance, a song that is way too long will not work for a simple entrance or exit of the couple.

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