Girlfriend Application Form

Girlfriend Application Form

What Is a Girlfriend Application Form?

A Girlfriend Application Form is a form which, when completed, gives all the necessary information concerning a possible partner as well as information that can be regarded as musts. Of course, in the majority of cases, these application forms are informal and are not deemed as too serious.

Alternate Names:

  • GF Application;
  • New Girlfriend Application.

Inside a Girlfriend Application, basic details like name, nickname, size, height, and contact details could be required. Girlfriend Application questions can weave in questions about deal breakers which are specifics about the candidate that can make someone want to stay away from them. If a potential partner replies with "yes," concerning a question about drug use - this could instantly be a turnoff for you if this is an important criterion. This will prevent you from wasting your time by further contacting the candidate.

Determining what constitutes a deal-breaker depends on your preferences. Most people use such questions to screen out individuals who they believe would not be a suitable partner. Whilst requesting an individual to complete a girlfriend application form, this may initially feel odd. However, doing so tends to concentrate the conversation on the topics that are significant to you.

Requesting your spouse to complete the application may assist you in communicating better with each other if you have not known each other for too long but your relationship seems to be progressing swiftly.

A Girlfriend Application template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Make a Girlfriend Application?

In order to create a simple Girlfriend Application there is certain, specific information that you need to include which are considered generic. However, ideally to get the most out of the application and narrow down your applicants you should include personalized questions. In fact, a great deal of the questions you ask in the application form will depend on your interests and priorities - make sure to ask the questions that are important to you. Below you can find some of the things that are worth asking in the application:

  • You will definitely want to find out the name of the applicant which may not be super important in terms of your decision, but it is definitely worth knowing;
  • Your potential girlfriend may have a nickname. Sometimes, nicknames are given as a result of an incident or particular trait and this can give you a small clue about the life of this person;
  • You may also ask the date of birth of the applicant and you could even ask about the physical traits of the applicant. For example, their hair color, eye color, height and weight - if these parameters are important to you;
  • Apart from physical traits, you can also ask your potential partner to outline some of their personality traits. It is important to see how someone views themselves and that way if there are any particular traits that you dislike, you can filter the candidates away;
  • If you believe that it is important for your partner (or even potential partner) to meet your parents to get the seal of approval, you may want to ask this question in your application. Some people would maybe prefer not to meet any relatives, particularly parents early on;
  • It is also worth knowing what the applicant thinks about relationships and how they view them. Different people will have completely different opinions and expectations on this so it is important to find these out sooner rather than later;
  • Ask the applicants to describe their interests. If there are aspects that are absolutely crucial for you (for better or for worse), you can include these questions in the form.

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