Sexual Consent Form

Sexual Consent Form

What Is a Sexual Consent Form?

A Sexual Consent Form is a document that individuals can use when they would like to receive or give consent for certain types of sexual activities. The purpose of the document is to provide the proposer with an official agreement from the consenter to perform the actions listed in the consent form.

This type of consent form is becoming more and more popular since it provides both parties with legal confirmation and outlines the exact activities the parties have agreed to. A Sexual Consent Form template can be downloaded below.

If you are thinking about developing a consent form yourself, make sure it consists of the following parts:

  1. Information About the Proposer . Here, the proposing party is supposed to state their name.
  2. Information About the Consenter . By analogy with the proposer, the consenter is required to provide their name as well.
  3. Consent Details . This section can contain a list of activities that correspond with two columns of empty boxes. The first column is supposed to be filled out by the consenter, where they will tick the boxes of activities they agree to participate in. The second one is supposed to be completed by the proposer in the same way.
  4. Signatures and Dates . After both parties completed the document, they can sign it and put a date on it when it was signed.

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