Consent Contract Template

Consent Contract Template

A Consent Contract is a formal document that outlines the intent of two parties to enter into an agreement under the conditions they have negotiated together.

Alternate Names:

  • Unanimous Consent Agreement;
  • Consent Agreement.

You can download a Consent Agreement template via the link below.

What Is a Consent Contract?

Whether you are representing the interests of a company or acting on behalf of yourself as an individual, a Consent Contract will serve as a legally binding document that obliges the parties to follow a certain course of action. Depending on the subject matter of the contract, you can limit yourself to a simple Consent Agreement, especially if you are signing a deal with someone you know well, be it an individual or a company, or draft it as a separate statement in preparation for a more comprehensive contract as long as you state this detail in writing.

At a minimum, the document must identify the parties by their names and contact information, define the subject of the contract, explain the terms of payment or some other compensation one of the parties is entitled to, list the rights and duties of the counterparts, and describe the procedures to follow in case the agreement has to be modified or terminated by mutual consent or unilaterally.

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