Research Consent Form

Research Consent Form

A Research Consent Form is a formal document prepared by a researcher and presented to a study participant to sign - it describes a key components of the upcoming study and asks the individual in question for their explicit permission to the research.

Alternate Name:

  • Informed Consent Form.

What Is an Informed Consent Form?

Prior to any research study that involves volunteers or paid participants you have to let them know about the specifics of the research and probable positive and negative consequences of their involvement. Whether you are in charge of clinical trials, you are collecting personal data of a certain individual, or performing any tests, they must sign an Informed Consent Form for Research Study before you start any procedures or ask any research-related questions.

You can download a Research Consent Form template via the link below.


How to Write a Consent Form for Research?

Every Consent Form for Research can be customized to meet the specific needs of a study you are conducting; however, at a minimum, you should follow these steps to draft a document that will verify the willingness of a participant to become involved in the research study:

  1. Explain the purpose behind the research and describe what the participant is going to be asked to do during the study . You should list all the procedures and actions and detail the schedule especially if the research happens to be time-consuming.
  2. If you are aware of risks and discomforts that may be possible during or after the research, you have to indicate them in writing as well . Make sure to use clear language and do not rely upon scientific terminology - the person taking part in your study must know what they are signing up for. Alternatively, you can state you do not foresee any risks for the participant.
  3. Outline the benefits of the study - there can be direct and indirect positive consequences for the participant . Additionally, you can highlight the positive impact the research will have on other people or the community - briefly mention your goals and aspirations.
  4. Enter the amount of compensation the participant will be able to receive for their efforts and time . If no money is involved, be sure to mention it in the document - a financial incentive may be the main target of the individual agreeing to a study, so do not waste their time as well as yours.

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