Best Friend Application Form

Best Friend Application Form

What Is a Best Friend Application Form?

A Best Friend Application Form is a questionnaire that students use to choose who among their friends they consider to be their closest friend. By using a Best Friend Application, it provides the opportunity to ask children who they consider to be their best friends, which will come in handy whether you are a teacher at a school, a camp during the summer, or an after-school club.

Alternate Name:

  • New Best Friend Application.

The form can also be used to form new friendships and can be edited to include specific information that may be of importance when selecting a new best friend. Regardless of the purpose or intent of this form, you can simply modify the document to include:

  • Some other, more personalized Best Friend Application questions specifically tailored to your project;
  • The school's logo or name;
  • Changes to the color or image of the background on the form.

Once these steps are complete, you may begin obtaining information from your pupils. It's a fantastic approach to improve your class and ensure that your lessons are more enjoyable, providing you with the opportunity to learn more about how your pupils get along with one another or if you are searching for new friends, it will create a profile about the applicant.

A Best Friend Application template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


How to Make a Best Friend Application?

Picking a best friend is not a quick and easy process. A best friend is the person that you share all your secrets with and a person that will help you in any situation, without judging you. Naturally, because of the role that a best friend will play in your life you need to be absolutely sure that the individual you select to be your best friend is trustworthy and reliable.

Perhaps there are some traits or habits that you cannot stand or tolerate and by producing a Best Friend Application with the right questions, you can find out the answer to all of the questions that are important to you.

There are some important details that you may need to think about before sending or handing out your application form. Some of these are outlined below:

  • First of all, before sitting down to write or edit any questions you need to decide on a register for your application. Are you creating a genuinely serious application form to find a best friend or are you making an application for a bit of light humor? This will impact the type of language you use and the questions you include;
  • You want to find out the name of your potential best friend. Although this may not be an important, deciding factor in the selection process it is always worth knowing their name. Additionally, you may want to request their nickname as sometimes this can be telling of a person;
  • You may also choose to request some further personal information such as their age, date of birth, and gender;
  • Ask your potential friend about the number of siblings that they have and where they are in that order;
  • Perhaps it is worth knowing their attitude towards pets if this is important to you;
  • You may choose to ask the applicant about their own interests;
  • If something is really important to you, for example, you are a massive fan of anime and you would like your best friend to share this interest, you can ask their opinion on such topics;
  • Likewise, if there is something you do not like, you can ask their opinion on this also to see if your opinions match.

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