Free Get Well Soon Card Templates

A Get Well Soon Card is a great way to show someone you are thinking of them during a time of illness or personal problems. It allows you to express your sympathy and support in tough times which can mean a lot during challenging moments.

Alternate Name:

  • Get Well Card.

We all experience difficult times and sometimes an illness can knock us back considerably, causing all sorts of problems from not being able to work to being bed-bound. No one is exempted from this and it can happen to anyone of us at any given time. Therefore it is important to express your support and lend a helping shoulder when times get tough, particularly for your loved ones.

There are so many different types of cards available which mostly vary between the tone of the message you want to give off. The tone you select will mostly depend on who you are selecting the card for. It isn’t always easy to find the right tone or even the right words in such difficult times, therefore you should consider using ready-made customizable templates.

For a full list of Get Well Soon Card templates please feel free to explore our library below.

What to Write in a Get Well Card?

Knowing what to say and how to say it can be difficult, especially if a serious incident has occurred. If you’re struggling for Get Well Soon Card ideas particularly with writing a Get Well Card, consider using our useful hints:

  • Make sure your opening line is warm. Don’t sound too formal, this will appear cold and unwelcoming;
  • Wish them all the best. You want to wish the recipient all the very best but this should be done sincerely and should come from the heart. Do not opt to go for something that sounds great but doesn’t sound like you. It won’t sound as genuine and will not leave such an impression on the recipient;
  • Be specific with what you write. Avoid writing too much and making general comments, in fact you should add a personalized touch to show the recipient that you have gone the extra mile and are genuine with your wishes;
  • Offer some help and support. Although usually there are a limited number of things you can actually do in terms of providing help, it is a goodwill gesture to offer some sort of help, however big or small. Any small thing that will take away some pressure from the recipient will be gladly received.

How to Make a Get Well Soon Card?

To make a Get Well Card memorable and to show the recipient that you have gone to more of an effort, you could add a personalized touch by incorporating the following ideas into your card:

  • Photographs. Particularly any photographs of you together with the recipient. This will remind them of the happy times you shared and will make them look forward to the future;
  • Consider using floral designs, possibly even DIY flowers in instances when it would be appropriate to send flowers but you do not have such an opportunity;
  • If you do not have any supplies on hand or you don’t consider yourself to be a particularly artsy person, you can simply use band-aids to make an effective and original card. Write your wish or message on the card and simply cover it with a band-aid. To disclose the message, the recipient must tear off the band-aid – representative of them healing and getting better;
  • Consider using humor. This of course depends on your relationship with the recipient, but adding humor can be a good way to take the recipient's mind off things and focus on something more positive.

Whichever template, design, and message you decide to go for in the end – make sure it is genuine. This will guarantee to put a smile on the face of the recipient which is the ultimate goal of any Get Well Soon Card.

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This type of document is a template for a Get Well Soon card featuring a bear.

This document is a template for a red "Get Well Soon" card. It can be used to create a personalized card to wish someone a speedy recovery.

This document is a template for a Get Well Soon card featuring heart designs. Customize and print this card to send well wishes to someone who is ill or recovering from an injury.

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