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What Is a Postcard?

A Postcard is a piece of paper used to write a message and send it without an envelope. To this day, Postcards are sent out to communicate with people and introduce products and services to the client base.

Alternate Name:

  • Post Card.

There are different reasons to use a Postcard, whether you are doing it in your own name or on behalf of a business:

  1. Personal use. If you want to revive the tradition of exchanging handwritten letters and Postcards with a pen pal, select a memorable souvenir that can be framed later, and save money since Postcards and postage are usually cheap, consider surprising your relative, friend, or colleague with a Postcard you can send from any part of the world.
  2. Commercial use. There are many benefits for sales companies that opt for Postcard marketing - it is affordable, Postcards do not take up a lot of space, and it is easy to make or print out a bunch of them at once to send to multiple prospective clients.

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How to Address a Postcard?

The placement of the address will depend on the Postcard format - if there are lines and fields, a Postcard address will usually go in the bottom right corner - write down the country of destination, the city, and the street address. You should enter your own address above the contact details of the Postcard recipient - while it is not essential especially if you are traveling or not expecting a reply from the addressee, it can be a good idea if you would like the Postcard to return to you in case it is impossible to deliver it. In case the Postcard does not contain any fields or boxes, addressing a Postcard will be easier if you draw the lines yourself.

How to Write a Postcard?

The contents of a Postcard will depend on the intentions of the individual sending it:

  1. A personal message you write to a friend or family member has to be brief and meaningful since there is not much space on the Postcard. If you are mailing it as a souvenir, you can share your experiences from travel or tell the person you wish they were there with you and that you cannot wait to meet them soon. You may use the upper left corner of the postcard to insert several sentences that will remind the recipient about you and update them on your accomplishments and plans.
  2. If you use Postcards for marketing purposes, think of a Postcard as an opportunity to advertise your business - you need to convince a recipient you know the solutions to their problems or your product is indispensable in every household. It can merely introduce your products or services and contain a link to your website to let the addressee check what you can offer.

How to Send a Postcard?

Once you composed a message, attached a stamp, and have written the Postcard address, there are two ways to mail a Postcard:

  1. Put a Postcard in the USPS collection box - you can find them basically everywhere in a big city, even if you live far away from a post office. There is no need to sign any documents or get a receipt - your mail piece will reach the addressee.
  2. Go to the post office and ask a mail handler to send a Postcard for you. It can be a good choice in case you doubt whether the stamp is attached correctly or you do not know how to address a mail piece sending a Postcard abroad.

Where Does the Stamp Go on a Postcard?

A Postcard stamp shows the person sending a Postcard paid a certain sum of money for the delivery of this mail piece. No post office is allowed to handle a Postcard or regular letter without a stamp. Traditionally, a domestic stamp will cost less than an international one, and some post offices will offer their customers the same rate for all foreign countries, no matter how long it will take to deliver a mail piece - contact your post office to find out the relevant rates.

The number of stamps will depend on the destination of the Postcard - you may require to attach more than one stamp after purchasing them at the post office. Usually, a stamp is glued to the upper right corner of the Postcard - some stamps are self-adhesive, others must be moistened, and others must be glued to the Postcard. Even if the stamp does not fit in the pre-drawn field on the Postcard, its approximate position should match the lines.

How Much Does It Cost to Send a Postcard?

Since every Postcard must fit through the processing equipment complying with existing USPS regulations, there are different rates for different Postcard sizes. Your mail will be considered a postcard if it is rectangular, 5 or 6 inches long, 3.5 or 4.25 inches high, and 0.0007 or 0.016 inches thick. Traditionally, a Postcard does not exceed 4x6 inches which means you will be asked to pay $0.40 to deliver it to the addressee. Postcards larger than the dimensions mentioned above will be treated as letters and the postage will change accordingly - for instance, you will pay $0.55 for mailing a 5x7 Postcard.

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