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Are you planning on traveling or moving to a foreign country? Do you need information on various legal requirements, licensing waivers, or healthcare coverage outside of the United States? Look no further than our comprehensive collection of documents related to foreign countries.

Whether you are seeking information on temporary licensing waivers due to the Covid-19 pandemic, validating an adoption that was finalized in a foreign country, or understanding your Medicare coverage when traveling abroad, our foreign countries documents group has you covered.

In addition, we provide resources on hazardous waste exports to foreign countries, as well as guidelines for exchanging your driver's license from a foreign country to a state-issued license.

Don't struggle to find the information you need when it comes to foreign countries. Browse through our extensive collection of documents and access the knowledge you require. Your journey starts here.




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This Form is used for petitioning for the validation of an adoption that was finalized in a foreign country in the state of New Hampshire.

This document is a temporary waiver of licensing requirement for individuals who are licensed in a foreign country. It is specifically for the Covid-19 emergency situation in Michigan.

This document explains the coverage that Medicare provides for healthcare services received outside of the United States. It includes information on the limitations and requirements for receiving medical care abroad under Medicare.

This document is for understanding Medicare coverage outside of the United States. It provides information on what medical services are covered and the limitations of coverage when traveling or living abroad.

This form is used for ordering the distribution of assets to a representative of a foreign country in Cook County, Illinois.

This form is used for representatives of foreign countries who are petitioning to receive distribution in Cook County, Illinois.

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