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Welcome to our webpage on border control! This is your one-stop resource for all information related to border control procedures and documents.

Border control is a crucial element of maintaining national security and regulating the flow of people and goods across international boundaries. Our extensive collection of documents and templates are designed to help streamline the border control process and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Our collection includes a variety of documents that are used by travelers and customs officials alike. For instance, the Passenger Arrival Record Template is a valuable tool for recording important information about arriving passengers. This document assists in the efficient processing of immigration and customs checks.

Another commonly used document is the CBP Form 6059B Customs Declaration Form, which is available in multiple languages, including Farsi, Russian, and Portuguese. This form is completed by travelers to declare their belongings and any dutiable items they are carrying. It is an essential tool for customs officials to assess and control the importation of goods.

In addition, we provide the DD Form 2855 U.S. Military Customs and Border Clearance Program. This document is specifically designed for military personnel and aims to expedite their processing through customs and border control.

Whether you are a traveler looking to ensure a smooth entry or a customs official needing accurate records and tools, our collection of border control documents has you covered. Browse our resources and find the documents you need to navigate the border control process efficiently and effectively.




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This document is a template used to record the arrival of passengers. It is used to track essential information such as passenger details, travel dates, and immigration status.

The purpose of this form is to gather data about the arrivals and departures of aliens who have non-immigrant visas and enter the U.S.

This Form is used for applying for a Schengen visa for travel to Luxembourg.

This document is used for providing a general declaration in both English and French for individuals in Canada.

This form acts as a documentation of consent from a parent or guardian when a minor is travelling outside the borders of Canada without their normal adult caregivers.

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