International Cooperation Templates

International cooperation, also known as global collaboration or multilateral partnerships, refers to the collaborative efforts between countries to address various global challenges and pursue common goals. This collection of documents encompasses a wide range of topics and initiatives aimed at fostering cooperation and coordination on an international scale.

These documents provide valuable insights into the policies, strategies, and frameworks developed by countries to tackle pressing issues such as counterterrorism, space exploration, intellectual property rights, bilateral relations, and humanitarian efforts. The Country Reports on Terrorism shed light on the global efforts to combat terrorism and highlight the measures taken by countries to ensure their national security and address the root causes of extremism.

The National Space Policy of the United States of America outlines the country's approach and goals in space exploration, research, and development. It serves as a blueprint for international cooperation in the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space.

The Form PTO/SB/20GLBL Request for Participation in the Global/Ip5 Patent Prosecution Highway (Pph) Pilot Program in the Uspto highlights the collaborative efforts in intellectual propertyrights protection and streamlining the patent examination process among participating countries.

The United States Strategic Approach to the People's Republic of China presents a comprehensive framework for engaging and managing the complex relationship between these two influential nations. It emphasizes the importance of cooperative approaches while addressing concerns and safeguarding national interests.

In addition, the collection features the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Search and Rescue Operations Undertaken by Civil Society Non-governmental Organizations in the Mediterranean Sea, which exemplifies the joint efforts to address the challenges and humanitarian needs in the context of migration and rescue operations.

Overall, this documents collection on international cooperation provides a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, and individuals interested in understanding the evolving dynamics of global collaboration and the concerted efforts of countries to tackle shared challenges and promote a more prosperous and secure world.




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This document provides comprehensive reports on terrorism activities in various countries. It includes information on terrorist groups, trends, and counterterrorism efforts.

This document sets out the guidelines and objectives for the United States' activities and interests in space exploration and utilization. It addresses various aspects such as national security, commercial space activities, international cooperation, and scientific research.

This type of document is used for declaring outstanding amounts owed to Her Majesty - Canada under the MAECD-DFATD2555F form.

This document outlines the United States' strategic approach towards the People's Republic of China. It provides insights into the US government's policies and objectives regarding its relationship and interactions with China.

This document provides guidance and guidelines for non-government organizations involved in search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea. It aims to ensure that these operations are conducted in a safe and effective manner, with a focus on the protection of human life and adherence to international humanitarian law.

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