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This form is used for the Ohio Automobile Insurance Plan (Ohio AIP), which is a program that provides insurance coverage to high-risk drivers who are unable to obtain coverage in the regular insurance market. If you have been denied coverage by multiple insurance companies or have a poor driving record, you may need to fill out this form to apply for coverage through the Ohio AIP.

This document is used for enrolling retirees in the Group Legal Services Insurance Plan in California. It provides retirees with the opportunity to sign up for legal services insurance coverage.

This document is for understanding Medicare coverage outside of the United States. It provides information on what medical services are covered and the limitations of coverage when traveling or living abroad.

This form is used for enrolling in the Group Legal Services Insurance Plan in California. It authorizes the enrollment and participation in the insurance plan for legal services.

This form is used by individuals who wish to enroll in the Aetna Assure Premier Plus Plan, a health maintenance organization dual eligible special needs plan. It collects personal information, medical details and Medicare details required for successful registration.

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