A Birthday Card is a custom greeting card prepared to congratulate the recipient on their birthday.

Alternate Name: 

  • Happy Birthday Card. 

If you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate the life of the person you love and care about, start with the card - enclosed with a present or not, a message you prepare, and a gift you personalize to show your appreciation will raise the individual's mood and strengthen your bond.

You can see a full list of Birthday Card templates by checking our library below.

What to Write in a Birthday Card? 

Here are some Birthday Card ideas you can implement when composing a message to congratulate someone on their birthday:

  1. Write a traditional message - "Happy Birthday" with the name of the recipient or "Congratulations on your birthday." These words should be visible right when the card is opened if you plan to prepare a long letter using a card as a means to tell the person what they mean to you.
  2. List your wishes - you may resort to something simple like "All the best in the upcoming year" or be more specific if you know more about the goals and ambitions of the person - for instance, they may prepare for graduation and first steps in their career: wish them success in their academic and professional endeavors.
  3. Think about the year the person celebrating their birthday had - what did they achieve? What difficulties did they manage to overcome? What events were the most memorable to them? Emphasize the accomplishments of the reader in the card letting them reflect on their life during the past 365 days and feel inspired by how far they have already come.
  4. Talk about the ways the individual in question improves your life. Since a Happy Birthday Card is usually written by someone who knows the person well and wishes them well, surely, there must be a positive impact of the card recipient on you - if they helped you out in a particular situation or simply were there for you throughout a long period of time, make sure you mention this in your card. Reminisce about the days you have already spent together and express hope for new adventures you can share.
  5. In case you do not talk often with the card recipient, sending them a message on their birthday can be a great way to mend your relationship or offer to meet or speak on the phone in the nearest future. Add your contact details to the card to let the reader know how to reach out to you quickly. 

How to Make a Birthday Card? 

While it would be easier to purchase a Birthday Card in the store, a homemade Birthday Card you create yourself or to help your child will carry more meaning - not only it will be unique and one of a kind, but it will also show how much effort and thought you have given to a present. See how to make a Happy Birthday Card on your own:

  1. Take a sheet of paper or carton and fold it in half. It is better to use colored materials unless you are going to draw on the white paper or glue pictures to it. 
  2. A Birthday Card design will depend on your decorating abilities and the interests of the recipient. You may simply draw or print out images of balloons, flowers, or large letters "Happy Birthday!" to embellish the front of the card. Make the card even more special by personalizing the gift - for example, if the person you are congratulating loves sports, you can print, cut, and glue pictures of their favorite athletes to the card.
  3. Create a pop-up card with a funny design, make a see-through card by drawing pictures inside the card and cutting the shapes on the front, glue a small embroidery, ribbons, or buttons to the card - if you have scrapbooking experience and love working with your hands, it is going to be easy to apply these talents to surprise a loved one on their birthday.

How to Send a Birthday Card?

Naturally, the best way to present a Birthday Card is in person, and preferably with a gift the individual will enjoy. However, if you cannot meet them now or are unable to come to a birthday party, do your best to deliver a card on time:

  1. Use traditional mail - you can send a handmade Birthday Card with a handwritten message. Do the calculations to ensure the card reaches the addressee before their birthday.
  2. Send an online Birthday Card - there are many templates you may fill out without having to print them: with several clicks, the person will receive your message via e-mail on the day of celebrations.

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