What Is a Birthday Invitation?

A Birthday Invitation is an informal request sent by a person whose birthday is coming to the individual they want to see at a party.

Alternate Names: 

  • Birthday Party Invitation; 
  • Happy Birthday Invitation. 

This short note will let the sender plan the event - once the addressee replies and informs the former about their willingness to attend the party, it will be easier to prepare the seating chart, print out the place cards, and order food and drinks. Besides, the number of people at the party can also determine the location since a bigger party may need a bigger room. Make sure you send the Birthday Invitation as early as you can - the guests will need to change their own plans and reschedule appointments while you make the arrangements regarding the party. 

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What Does RSVP Mean on a Birthday Invitation? 

The abbreviation RSVP is derived from the French phrase "Répondez s’il vous plaît" - it means "Please respond." Sometimes you can find this phrase in the invitation, sometimes it is included in the separate note attached to the invitation to let you send it back easily - the sender will wait for your reply to know whether you will be able to come to their birthday party. RSVP is often followed by several lines or fields you will have to fill out - there may be meal options for you and you have to indicate what dish you will prefer to eat during the party; additionally, especially if many people are invited, you will be asked whether you are bringing a plus-one and what is their name - the event organizer will use this information for the place card. 

What to Write on a Birthday Invitation?

Whether you use a store-bought card or create a Birthday Party Invitation from scratch, here is what you should include in the Birthday Invitation text:

  1. Greet the addressee and say your birthday party will take place soon - next week or next month, it depends on the scale of the celebrations.
  2. Address the invitation recipient by name and tell them you want to see them at the celebration of your birthday. Indicate the time, date, and location of the party. If it is possible to arrive a little late, you may state that in the invitation. 
  3. List rules the attendees must follow to be allowed at the party - for instance, you may forbid smoking even outdoors or ask them not to bring their children. Even if certain demands seem extreme, it is your party and you can set the terms you like - as long as the guests know about them weeks or months before the event takes place.
  4. If the event is official and many esteemed guests are planning to come, consider insisting on a dress code. You may include a simple requirement like cocktail dresses for women and ties for men or ask your guests to come in the clothes of one color - white, red, blue. The dress code will also depend on the theme of your party - maybe, you prefer to have a costume party and give your guests a chance to express themselves.
  5. One of the most popular and useful Birthday Invitation ideas is to utilize the back of the customized invitation to add a design, personalized drawing, or small map - the latter is especially important if the place of the birthday party is hard to find or the invitation recipient does not know the city very well. You can add the directions or a shortened link to let the guests access the map online. Do not forget to record a phone number or e-mail address the recipient can use to reach out to you in case they need any clarifications.

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