Free Housewarming Party Invitation Templates

What Is a Housewarming Invitation?

A Housewarming Invitation is used to invite your close friends and family to celebrate you moving into your new home.

Alternate Name:

  • Housewarming Party Invitation.

This custom dates all the way back to the 5th century when people had to physically warm their houses as there were no heating systems. It was also done to repel any ghosts or bad spirits, as during these times it was believed that empty houses contained many of these. The invited friends and family members usually arrive to the housewarming celebration with presents. These presents are usually gifts that will help set up the new house.

When creating a Housewarming Invitation, you may reach a block when considering the different possibilities about Housewarming Invitation ideas. You need to consider the design, structure, layout, and overall Housewarming Invitation message. The way you go about this will reflect the nature of your invitation and any ideas you have about it. The invitation should include all of the relevant information needed for the recipient so that upon first glance, they have all of the information before them which ultimately should make them decide regarding their attendance, sooner rather than later. The quicker the hosts receive information about attendance, the quicker and more accurately they can cater to the number of attendees.

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How to Write an Invitation for a Housewarming Party?

The key to remember when writing your invitation for a housewarming party is that the invitation itself can be informal. You also don’t have to send your invite months in advance; a couple of weeks beforehand should be okay. Using one of our templates, make sure that your invitation takes into account the following information:

  • It is okay to write simply, in fact this may even be preferred. It isn’t a formal event like a wedding and you are only writing to your friends and family, so it is okay to keep things casual;
  • Consider whether your house is easy to find. If you know that this will be a hassle, particularly if satellite navigations still make errors, it would be good to include a few pointers so that your guests can easily find you;
  • Inform your guests about what they’re in for. Is there a particular theme? Will there be a dinner? Will you be playing board games? The more information you provide, the more prepared the guests will be. You don’t want your guests to arrive unprepared, it will ruin the atmosphere;
  • It goes without saying of course to provide details regarding the address as well as the time and date of the event;
  • RSVP. Do not forget to ask your guests to respond regarding their attendance. You will need to know how many people are attending so that you can ensure that there is enough food, for example. You may want to give your guests a deadline for answering and maybe ask them to respond only if they do not plan on attending.

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This type of document is a black-themed template for a housewarming invitation.

This template can be used to create invitations for a housewarming party. The design features flowers for a festive touch.

This template is used for creating invitations for a housewarming party at your new home.

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