Free Birthday Certificate Templates

What Is a Birthday Certificate? 

A Birthday Certificate can be presented to a birthday boy or girl to celebrate their special day. The certificate is particularly useful if you are unsure of what to gift someone for their special occasion. It also works great if you want to create something unique and offer them something personal. Perhaps you want to gift them some of your own personal time to help them with something, ranging from doing some chores to giving them a free massage.

Alternate Names: 

  • Happy Birthday Certificate; 
  • Birthday Gift Card. 

Birthday Certificates are also great for businesses as they give clients an opportunity to make purchases for a specific product or service that you offer. The certificate could have some monetary value or be for something specific. Using a blank Birthday Certificate allows you to modify the certificate as you see fit to best showcase your business and be specific about what the certificate covers. 

For a full list of Birthday Certificate templates please feel free to check out our library below.

How to Make a Birthday Certificate?

Making your own Birthday Gift Card allows you to personalize the certificate to your taste and aim by using an editable Birthday Certificate. As the certificate is the thing that you will physically present, you must take into account the importance of the aesthetics. Consider some of our top tips below for creating the perfect Birthday Certificate:

  • Edit the text of the template to reflect what you are gifting the person. Don’t just state that it is a “Birthday Gift Certificate.” You want to show straight away what the certificate can be redeemed for;
  • Think about what colors you want to use. This should reflect the nature of the present or the business;
  • If you are a business, consider adding your business logo as well as a contact number and address so that your customers know exactly where to go and how to get in touch;
  • If there are specific limitations regarding the products or services offered, you should state these in the certificate too. You do not want to create an illusion or make false promises;
  • If you are creating a personal certificate for a close friend or family member, you may want to add some photographs of the person celebrating their birthday;
  • You should also state who the certificate is for and who it is from. If there is an expiry date for redeeming the certificate, you need to make this clear in the certificate;
  • Before printing, ensure that you use high-quality paper. Using standard paper will cheapen the look of the certificate and it will be more prone to damage.

Whatever Birthday Certificate template you decide to go for, the idea alone that you have spent your time and effort into creating and personalizing your own Birthday Certificate will leave an impression on the recipient.

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