Free Thank You Certificate Templates

What Is a Thank You Certificate?

A Thank You Certificate is a written document composed to show gratitude to the recipient. Whether you want to inspire an employee that has successfully completed their work on a project they were entrusted with, show your friend how much you cherish them, or demonstrate your gratitude to your child helping them to learn the meaning of the words "thank you," this is the document for you.

No matter the reason, being thankful and sharing your sincere emotions with the individual that assisted you with something, fulfilled their promise, or proved their reliability to you will improve your relationship with the certificate recipient - studies have shown a friend, family member, subordinate, or colleague who knows they are appreciated, admired, and respected feels empowered and motivated for future endeavors. Even if you do not have a particular explanation for awarding this certificate to someone, their constant presence in your life and dedication to whatever cause they are devoted to is a valid reason to prepare a Thank You Certificate.

For a full list of Thank You Certificate templates please check out our library below.

How to Make a Thank You Certificate?

Here are some Thank You Certificate ideas you can use when showing appreciation to a person that impressed you with their effort and behavior:

  1. Write down the words "Thank You!" on top of the page. No matter the purpose of the certificate, you should use bright colors and calligraphy fonts to make this detail stand out. If the appreciation is formal, do not forget to add your signature on the bottom of the certificate - this personalized touch will show your respect to the recipient and verify the authenticity of the document. State the date the certificate was filled out next to the signature - you may print it out first and complete that field later.
  2. The Thank You Certificate wording depends on the occasion - obviously, opt for a more formal language if you are presenting this certificate to a colleague, subordinate, or business partner upon achieving a target. For instance, you may say "We present this certificate to [name of the person] to express our gratitude for [the reason for showing appreciation]". If, however, you are distributing these certificates among kindergarten or elementary school students or making a present for your kid after they helped you with something important, you are allowed to include inside jokes and playful sentiments.
  3. When it comes to the decoration, a Thank You Certificate design contains vivid colors if the recipient is a friend, relative, or a student of young age; you should add drawings, pictures, and funny patterns to make the certificate memorable and worthy of framing for the interior. A certificate presented in a formal setting usually has a white background, black, red, or golden letters, classic fonts (Times New Roman, Georgia, Arial), and a minimal number of pictures - as a rule, only the logo of the organization that issued the certificate is inserted.

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