Free Price Tag Templates

What Is a Price Tag?

A Price Tag is a plastic or paper label shops and stores put on items for sale to inform the potential buyers about the value of the goods they can purchase.

Alternate Names:

  • Price Tag Label;
  • Price Tag Sticker.

It is recommended to display the value of the item letting the purchasers know immediately how much they will be asked to pay - this helps the buyer to calculate their expenses and saves the retail store employees' time.

You may see a full list of Price Tag templates by checking out our library below.

How to Create Price Tag Labels?

Follow these steps to make a Price Tag Label:

  1. Choose the appropriate size for a label - unless you are making money selling small items the majority of which does not exceed several inches in length and width, the tag can be around 6x10 cm.
  2. Think about the material you should use for a Price Tag . While plastic is the most durable, it may be expensive to order these labels in bulk even if you take care of the design; paper or cardboard are reasonable options - moreover, you can print additional details on tags made from paper and similar materials later on.
  3. A Price Tag design will depend on your personal preferences and the design of your store . Most brands prefer to use the same colors, patterns, ornaments, symbols, and logos on everything that is related to their shop, and Price Tag Labels are not the exception.
  4. Include the essential information about the item on the price tag - naturally, its price, the name of the item, its size, and the place of production. The simplest way, however, is to just indicate the price and later attach the tag to another item if necessary.
  5. Create a special Price Tag Sticker for the seasonal sale - the simplest way to notify your customers about the discount or the rules they have to follow to get a bargain is to attach it to the regular sticker. For example, this tag can tell the client the item is sold with an 80% discount or similar items are sold in two for the price of one. It will be harder to duplicate the information from the original tag so this idea is reasonable for any store - besides, you can re-use the tags during the next sale.

How to Reattach a Price Tag?

There are two ways to reattach a Price Tag Label to the item used by most retail stores:

  1. Get a Price Tag Machine . This tagging gun is indispensable for clothing stores that sell items made from regular and fine fabrics - cotton, denim, polyester, silk, satin, linen. Put the lever on the gun forward and slide the needle into the guard securing it, insert the plastic fasteners into the slot behind the needle until you hear a clicking sound, test the machine to make sure it works before you get a clothing item - push the trigger to see whether the fastener is coming out, put the Price Tag on the garment, and push the needle through it.
  2. Select a cheaper and faster option which may be preferable if you work at the store where returns are rare or the tags can be attached and reattached many times - use a safety pin or a piece of paper or plastic connected to the string that can be tied to the item or put through a hole or handle.

How to Price Tag Clothes?

Here is how you can make a Price Tag for Clothing:

  1. Decide what material to use - nylon and polyester are the most common, it will be easy to stitch the tag to the garment with the help of a sewing machine. The tag should be hidden from the sight so make sure it is not visible from the outside.
  2. If you cannot use a sewing machine for some reason, you can glue the tag to the item - there are adhesive stickers that can be attached to the clothes within seconds; alternatively, you can purchase stickers that stick to items when you apply heat to them.
  3. When it comes to the contents of a clothing tag, make sure you make the most of the little space available : promote the brand or the clothing manufacturer, indicate the materials the garment is made of, state the care and washing instructions using laundry symbols, and provide the translation which is significant if many customers come from other countries.

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