Free Dog Tag Templates

What Is a Dog Tag?

A Dog Tag usually signals to others that a dog has an owner. It helps them to distinguish between stray dogs and dogs that come from a family home, acting almost as an identification document. If your dog gets lost or somehow manages to run away, a stranger can potentially help by reading the Dog Tag information. If they see a dog walking the streets with a Dog Tag, they will be more likely to approach the dog and try to help it.

Alternate Names:

  • Dog Name Tag;
  • Dog ID Tag.

This is an important measure to take as it increases the likelihood of being reunited with your pet. After all, most dogs will attempt to escape at some point during their life and the chances are that one day they will be successful. Therefore, it is crucial that you mark your pet somehow and provide them with a chance to be found and be reunited with you to spare the pain of never seeing your dog again. We recommend creating a custom Dog Tag using one of our editable templates.

For a full list of Dog Tag templates please feel free to check out our library below.

What to Put on a Dog Tag?

To ensure that you create the best Dog Tag for your pet, ensure that you add all of the important information onto the tag itself. You do not want to miss anything crucial as every little detail and piece of information could potentially be of great value. We have compiled a list of some of the most important Dog Tag ideas that could be present on your Dog Tag:

  • Consider adding the name of your pet. Although this may seem fairly obvious to do, fewer and fewer people have started doing this to avoid malicious intent. If somebody plans on stealing your dog and they can find out the name of the dog, it will be a lot simpler to do if the dog responds to their name;
  • A contact telephone number which you are more likely to answer. You can also provide an additional telephone number of a partner, family member, friend or neighbor that will also be likely to take a call;
  • Your location. It will be enough to just state the city, however if you have sufficient space on your tag, you can include the full address;
  • If your pet has any special medical requirements, you should include a short phrase about this on the tag. This can make the finder respond quicker if your pet could require urgent medical care;
  • If your dog has had a microchip fitted, you can include this information on the tag too;
  • Add a short message with instructions on what to do, for example, “Call my mommy,” “I am kind,” or “If I’m not with my owner, I am lost”;
  • You could also include details regarding a reward for the finder if they do get in touch and bring you your dog back home. This can motivate people to act.

Obviously, all of this information cannot be present on one tag. Pick and choose what best fits your situation and pet, include the relevant information on the tag. 

How to Put a Dog Tag on a Collar?

You want to ensure that you attach a Dog Tag to a collar in such a way as to minimize the risk of losing it. Consider the following tips to make sure that you do it in the safest way possible:

  • Firstly, take a look at the collar that your dog has. You may find that there are already special rings on the collar to which you can attach the Dog Tag to;
  • Consider the type of attachment you purchase for the collar. Often, hooks may open and this can hurt your pet;
  • Use a tag which will not be too noisy. Not only can it become rather annoying but it may also draw unnecessary attention;
  • Ensure you have all of the relevant information on the tag;
  • Try and make your dog sit for this process. If your pet isn’t having any of it, you can take off the collar, add the tag and then reattach it.

How Much Does a Dog Tag Cost?

There is no concrete price for a Dog Tag as the final price is dependent upon several factors. You need to consider the material, size, design and any engravings (if they are required). These prices will vary from place to place but the average is approximately around $5 - $20.

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