Free Adoption Certificate Templates

What Is an Adoption Certificate?

An Adoption Certificate is issued as confirmation that someone or something has been adopted. In cases when a child is legally adopted, once going through all of the necessary paperwork, the parents will be given a Certificate of Adoption for the child. However, Adoption Certificates are not just strictly limited to children. You can create a fake Adoption Certificate for your child if they want to adopt their favorite doll or teddy bear to have a little bit of fun.

You may also have heard of an animal Adoption Certificate. These are often given out to new owners once they adopt an animal. It is often common for charities to issue these if you decide to help them out with small monthly payments, ensuring they protect what are usually endangered animals. In response to this, they will issue you with an Adoption Certificate for the specific animal that you are sponsoring.

If you decide to adopt a pet, for example a dog from a dog shelter, upon adoption you will receive a pet Adoption Certificate, confirming you as new owners of your beautiful pet. No matter the purpose of your Adoption Certificate, we will surely have you covered.

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What Does an Adoption Certificate Look Like?

The general structure of an Adoption Certificate is all somewhat similar. If you are receiving or creating an informal Adoption Certificate for memorabilia, the information on this may be limited. It may not even include the names of the people that have adopted, particularly if it is a fake Adoption Certificate or one for animals.

Generally, all certificates look rather formal and are not usually bright and colorful. If you are making a fake Adoption Certificate for your child, you can add a picture of the item being adopted (e.g. doll or teddy bear). The same applies for animal shelters; you may want to include a generic picture of the animal(s) that can be found in your shelter.

If you are a charity, issuing Adoption Certificates to people who are making monthly donations – you may want to take a photograph of the animal that the person has adopted. This will form a close bond between the animal and the person making the donation.

How to Get an Adoption Certificate?

If you are looking to get a legal Adoption Certificate, you should refer the local county to find out about the laws surrounding Adoption Certificates and the necessary steps you should take to be issued with an Adoption Certificate. However, if you are looking to create your own Adoption Certificate for a pet, a favorite toy, a care home or animal shelter, regardless of whether you want a real or fake certificate, you need to ensure the following information is included:

  • Start by picking out the template best suited to your requirements;
  • Ensure that you collect all of the necessary information. Naturally, this should contain the name of the animal, toy or child being adopted. Another crucial piece of information is the date that the adoption occurred;
  • Consider the layout and structure. If you want to create a fake certificate for your child, you may want to add colors and nice accompanying pictures. Make sure that your certificate still looks presentable and professional, even if the purpose is for playing;
  • No matter the purpose, the tone of the certificate should be formal. You can add a logo if necessary, information about the adoption including the name of the person adopted, the names of people adopting as well as the date and signature.

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This document is a template for a doll adoption certificate. It can be used to create a personalized certificate for a child's doll adoption.

This template is used to create a certificate for when a child adopts a stuffed animal. It can be personalized with the child's name and the name of the stuffed animal. A fun way to celebrate the new addition to the family!

This document is a template for a pet adoption certificate. It is used to create a certificate to commemorate the adoption of a pet.


This template is used to create a Certificate of Adoption with a green design.

This document is a template for a Certificate of Adoption. It can be used when someone adopts a child and wants to create a formal certificate to commemorate the adoption. This particular template is red in color.

This document is a customizable template for a Certificate of Adoption. It features a blue design and can be used to commemorate the adoption of a child.

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