A Kindergarten Diploma is handed out to students upon successful completion of kindergarten and is usually awarded upon graduation or at a special ceremony.

Alternate Names: 

  • Kindergarten Certificate; 
  • Kindergarten Graduation Diploma. 

The diploma congratulates the child on their big educational leap and recognizes all of the achievements that they have accomplished whilst being in kindergarten. It gives a child their first taste of success and instills confidence in them, setting up stepping stones for further academic success. Although it may seem like a minor detail to an adult, for a child, receiving such a diploma will demonstrate the importance of their achievements. 

When searching for a Kindergarten Diploma, it is important to be confident that you have picked the right one. Often, these are the first awards that a child will receive and such diplomas usually remain as a keepsake item, allowing both parents and the child to look back on it for years to come, bringing back sweet childhood memories. 

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How to Make a Kindergarten Diploma?

There are many customizable Kindergarten Diploma templates out there and you should ensure that you select the best one for your child or class. Firstly, you need to consider the structure to make sure that you include everything that is absolutely required on the diploma itself:

  • Do not make general certificates – always state the name of the child, for example, "We would like to congratulate [name of child] for [insert reason for handing out diploma]";
  • State the date of when the diploma is awarded to the student. It will be nice to look back on it in the future and know exactly when it has handed out;
  • Include the name of the school in the diploma. This will make sure that the child remembers what school they went to and all the positive memories associated with attending it;
  • Include the name of the teacher that accompanied the child throughout kindergarten. Often these are the first people that a child will form a close connection to after their parents and it would be nice to preserve this memory.

We have also compiled a list of top tips to consider when customizing and creating your Kindergarten Diploma: 

  • Use bright and fun colors. After all, the diploma is for children and children love all things bright and colorful;
  • Include photographs in the diploma. Photos of the child, them playing with their friends or doing their favorite activity will be a sweet touch;
  • Ensure you print the diploma on high-quality paper. Go for something shiny and glossy which will work well with the bright colors. After all, you do not want to create a flimsy diploma that is prone to damage. Children can be messy and you do not want the diploma to be instantly destroyed.

In the end, whichever template you decide to go for, make sure that it reflects the positive experience the child had in the kindergarten. 

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