Free Dog Birth Certificate Templates

A Dog Birth Certificate really does exist! They do not always hold any formal importance apart from an item of memorabilia, but some states may even request a certificate before issuing a license.

Alternate Name: 

  • Puppy Birth Certificate. 

Even if you do not need the certificate for documentation reasons, it would still be a good idea to acquire and keep one. The certificate lists all important information regarding your dog including their breed, weight, date of birth, information regarding their vet and contact information of owners. The certificate can act as a confirmation that the pet is indeed yours in instances when your dog runs away or is stolen, which is becoming more and more common. It also has benefits in situations when your dog needs medical attention as all the relevant information is presented in the certificate. 

If you are drafting up a Dog Birth Certificate from scratch, consider including medical information that may be useful for a vet. This could include any medication the dog is being administered and any known underlying health conditions – particularly relating to allergies.

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How to Get a Dog Birth Certificate?

If you want to obtain a Dog Birth Certificate, you will be pleased to know the process is relatively simple. This can actually be done online. If you find a legit company that has the right to issue such certificates, simply fill in the requested information and await their response. The issuers of the certificate will first verify all of the provided information to ensure it is genuine. Once everything is confirmed, they will print it, add their company seal and send it over to you.

However, this is not to be confused with a registration. If your dog is a purebred, you should have registration documents to confirm this. The registration certificate will fundamentally act as proof that you are the owner of the dog and will act as a Dog Birth Certificate. Owning this certificate along with all other necessary documents ensures that the bloodline is kept track of and protects the pedigree of the dog. 

You can also create this certificate yourself in the comfort in your own home if you want to have the certificate for personal reasons. For this you would need a blank Puppy Birth Certificate that can be edited. The key piece of information is of course the date of birth of your dog. If you are unaware of the date of birth of your dog, you can refer to your local vet who will be able to give a relatively precise estimate in regards to an approximate birth date. You may also want to add the name of your dog and information regarding the parents, if this information is available. You can then print this on high-quality paper and use this certificate as a reference date to celebrate your dog’s birthday. After all, dogs are often treated as an additional child in a family and you may want to do something special for their birthday.

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