Restaurant Incident Report Form

Restaurant Incident Report Form

Restaurant Incident Report Form: What Is it?

A Restaurant Incident Report is a document used in the restaurant industry to ensure that a restaurant can function productively and take note of any negative incidents that occur within the business. The main purpose of recording such information is to ensure that this does not repeat in the future thus acting as an effective method of feedback, helping to eliminate any discomfort that employees may experience.

A Restaurant Incident Report Form will generally follow a simple and similar structure. They will tend to request the following information:

  • The date that the incident occurred;
  • The time (or approximate time) that the incident occurred;
  • The exact location of where the incident occurred;
  • A detailed but concise description of the incident - the more detail you provide here the better;
  • A short description of the consequences of the incident;
  • The date and time that the report was filled in.

A Restaurant Incident Report template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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