Event Incident Report Form

Event Incident Report Form

What Is an Event Incident Report?

An Event Incident Report Form is used by an event planner or any other person/organization tasked with planning an event. Naturally, you want an event to go as smoothly as possible but sometimes it is impossible to foresee all of the small nuances. Unfortunately, sometimes an incident may occur which would lead to an Incident Report Form for an event being filled in. It is important to have copies of this document on hand so that employees can quickly fill in and describe the incident.

The general structure of such report forms is somewhat similar and would usually request the information outlined below:

  • Information concerning the individual filling in the report form including their full name, gender, date of birth, and job title;
  • The contact details, including permanent address and contact telephone number;
  • Details about the incident (date, time, and what happened) and specific information regarding any sustained injuries as well as any treatment received;
  • If treatment was provided, a full description of the treatment and the individual who aided the treatment should be provided;
  • Signed and dated.

An Event Incident Report Form template can be downloaded below.

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