Statement Templates

Statement templates are used to provide a standard format and guide for creating official statements or reports for various purposes. These templates are designed to help users organize and present information in a structured manner, ensuring that all necessary details are included and the statement is clear and comprehensive. Statement templates can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as accident reports, employee counseling statements, or safe work method statements. They save time and effort by providing a preformatted document that can be customized with specific information as needed.




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This document is a template for a sworn statement, commonly used in California. It is used to provide a written and signed statement of facts or information under penalty of perjury.

This document is a personal statement for a PhD program application. It highlights the applicant's background, qualifications, and reasons for pursuing a PhD.

This form is used for reporting the profit and loss from self-employment. It helps individuals to calculate their income and expenses and determine the net profit or loss from their self-employed activities.

This document is a template for creating a monthly profit and loss statement. It helps businesses track their income, expenses, and overall financial performance on a monthly basis.

This Form is used for reporting the costs paid on a tax sale property in Ripley County, Indiana. It provides a summary of the expenses incurred during the tax sale process.

This document is a template used to provide information about an individual's payroll and earnings. It includes details such as salary, deductions, and net pay. Use this template to create a personalized statement of your payroll and earnings.

This Form is used for creating a witness statement in the state of Nebraska. It is a legal document that allows individuals to provide information and testify about events or incidents they have witnessed.

This Form is used for recording the statement of witnesses to incidents that occur at Kennesaw State University.


This document is used to provide a sworn statement as evidence of a loss. It is typically required for insurance claims.

This document is a template for taxpayers to provide a sworn statement related to their tax information.

This document is a spreadsheet that helps calculate the projected profit for a business over a four-year period. It provides a visual representation of expected revenue and expenses, allowing business owners to make informed financial decisions.

This document is a template for a miscellaneous statement that can be used instead of providing receipts.

This template is used for documenting and addressing employee counseling sessions. It helps employers provide feedback and guidance to employees regarding their performance or behavior in the workplace.

This form is used for collecting information from applicants for certain immigration benefits. It includes personal and contact details of the applicant.

This document is used for declaring and providing information about an individual's assets, liabilities, and net worth.


This document is used for reporting and documenting the details and circumstances surrounding an accident. It helps insurance companies and authorities assess liability and process claims.

This Form is used for providing a privacy statement to soldiers, informing them of their rights and protections under the Soldier's Privacy Act.


This document template is used to create a comprehensive plan for carrying out work in a safe manner. It helps outline potential hazards and risks, as well as the procedures and precautions to mitigate them. Use this template to ensure the safety of workers and prevent accidents or injuries on the job.

This template is used to create a Safe Work Method Statement for a specific task or job. It provides a structured format to outline the steps and precautions that need to be taken to ensure the safety of workers. The template is customizable and can be adapted to different industries and work environments. It helps businesses comply with safety regulations and creates a record of the safety measures implemented for future reference.

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