Reasonable Suspicion Templates

Reasonable suspicion is a collection of important documents that are crucial for ensuring safety and compliance in various organizations. These documents provide guidelines and tools to help supervisors and managers make well-informed decisions when it comes to assessing and addressing potential issues in the workplace. Also known by its alternate names, reasonable suspicion documents are designed to promote a safe and secure environment by providing a systematic approach to identifying and addressing concerns related to drug/alcohol use, misconduct, or other safety-sensitive incidents. These documents serve as a comprehensive resource for supervisors to document and manage incidents effectively, ensuring that necessary actions are taken and appropriate procedures are followed. With the help of these reasonable suspicion documents, organizations can prioritize the well-being of their employees and maintain a productive work environment.




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This document is a log used in Ohio to record reasonable suspicion testing. It helps to document and track instances where employees are subjected to drug or alcohol testing based on reasonable suspicion of substance abuse.

This form is used for evaluating reasonable suspicion of impairment for safety-sensitive positions in Kansas.

This document is used to acknowledge the completion of required training for supervisors in Michigan regarding reasonable suspicion.

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