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Charitable Activities: Filing Forms and Compliance Information

Welcome to our website dedicated to providing information and resources for charitable activities. Whether you are a nonprofit organization or an individual who wants to engage in charitable work, understanding the necessary documentation and compliance requirements is essential.

Our comprehensive collection of forms and resources includes various documents related to charitable activities, helping you navigate the complex world of nonprofit work. From filing annual reports to applying for recognition of exemption, our resources offer guidance and support throughout the process.

One important document in this group is the IRS Form 990 (990-EZ) Schedule N, which covers the liquidation, termination, dissolution, or significant disposition of assets for nonprofit organizations. This form ensures transparency and accountability in the event of major changes within the organization.

For organizations operating in Oregon, we provide the Form CT-12 Charitable Activities Form, specifically designed for Oregon charities. This form compiles essential information about the organization's activities, ensuring compliance with state regulations.

If you are a charitable organization in Wisconsin, our collection includes the Form 308 Charitable Organization Annual Report. This report enables you to disclose key details about your organization's financial activities to maintain public trust and meet state requirements.

In addition to these specific forms, our resources also feature instructions for IRS Form 1023-EZ. This streamlined application for recognition of exemption under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code simplifies the process for eligible organizations seeking tax-exempt status.

With our user-friendly website and comprehensive collection of documents, you can effectively meet your charitable activities' documentation and compliance needs. Stay informed, ensure compliance, and focus on what matters most – making a positive impact in your community.

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This form is used for filing the annual report for charitable organizations in the state of Wisconsin. It must be submitted by qualifying organizations to maintain their non-profit status and provide information about their activities and finances.

This document is used for the initial registration of a charitable organization in the state of Missouri. It is required to provide information about the organization's purpose, activities, and financial details in order to be recognized as a charitable entity in the state.

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