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A Lien Release refers to the process of removing a lien from a secured property. It can be done by obtaining the approval of the current lienholder achieved by the agreement with the debtor; however, in most cases, you can release your property from the lien burden by fulfilling your financial responsibilities and paying off the debt in full. To prove the satisfaction of the lien, the financial institution or contractor who placed the lien in the first place must complete and sign one of the Lien Release Forms. When the lien is officially released, the property owner is not liable for any more payments to the former creditor and all public records about the lien are deleted.

Different situations demand different documentation to legitimize the Lien Release. If you are looking for printable lien release forms, download them below:

  1. A Mortgage Lien Release is prepared by the mortgage lender (usually, a financial institution) and given to the borrower to confirm the receipt of the final payment. Once this document is delivered to the borrower, the mortgage is satisfied and paid in full.
  2. Complete a Partial Release of Lien to reduce the amount of money the property owner owes to the constructor or builder. It is up to the creditor to decide whether to forgive a portion of the sum they are entitled to.
  3. A Contractor’s (Mechanic’s) Lien Release is the most common document used to verify the lienholder's intention to lift the lien restrictions from the property in question. Whether the lien burdens real estate, motor vehicles, or other valuable items, you can fill out this Release of Lien Form when the debtor has provided the creditor with sufficient money to cover the debt.
  4. IRS Form 12277, Application for Withdrawal of Federal Tax Lien, is an official document issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and submitted when the taxpayer requests the government to release the lien from their property. If you fail to pay your taxes, your real estate or car may be burdened by a lien to secure the subsequent payment of taxes. When you resolve the debt, you can send this application to the IRS and they will eliminate the tax lien.

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This Form is used for releasing a mortgage or lien on a property in Connecticut. It provides a legal way to officially remove the mortgage or lien from the property records.

This document is used for waiving a portion of a lien in the state of Indiana.


This Form is used for releasing a lien on a property or vehicle in Oklahoma. It is an affidavit that confirms the lien has been satisfied and provides proof of its release.

This form is used for releasing a lien on a property in Oklahoma. It is an affidavit letter that confirms the lien is no longer active.

This form is used for officially releasing a lien or granting permission to issue a replacement title in the state of Arkansas.

This form is used for California residents who are government employees and need to petition the court to strike and release a lien.

This form is used for requesting the release of a lien on property in Michigan.

This document is used for releasing a lien held by a non-participating lender on an electronic lien and title in Nebraska.

This document is used to officially acknowledge that a lien has been fully paid off in the state of Oregon.

This document is used for releasing a lien or other encumbrances on a vehicle in the state of New Hampshire.

This form is used for assigning a lien in the state of Mississippi. It is used to transfer the rights and interest of a lien from one party to another.

This Form is used for releasing a lien in the state of Vermont. It allows the lienholder to release their claim on the property and remove it from the public record.

This form is used for releasing a lien on a vehicle in the state of Texas. It is the prescribed form provided by the state for this purpose.

This type of document, PBB Form 11 Certificate of Partial Satisfaction, is used in Virginia to certify that a partial satisfaction of a debt or lien has occurred.

Fill out this form, issued by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), if you are a mechanic's lien holder and need to sell a vehicle in Indiana. This form is an important part of the sales documentation needed to obtain a certificate of title.

This document is used for filing an Affidavit of Sale to satisfy an artisan's, storage, or landlord's lien in Iowa.

This form is used for providing notice of a lien, releasing a lien, or authorizing the addition or removal of a name from a title in the state of Missouri.

This document provides information and an affidavit regarding liens in the state of Colorado. It is used to record and certify details about liens placed on a property.

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