Free Lien Waiver Forms and Templates

What Is a Lien Waiver?

A Lien Waiver - also known as a Waiver of Lien - is a legal document used in the construction industry to prevent contractors, mechanics, or suppliers from placing a lien against the property. A lien is a security interest in property that serves to guarantee the payment of a debt. Anyone furnishing materials, labor, or services to a construction project are entitled to file a lien claim if they are not paid. Therefore, the property owner will provide a form for them to sign when they receive payment. You can download a customizable Lien Waiver form below to protect your rights and the rights of all parties involved in the transaction.

What Is a Lien Waiver Used for?

Lien Waivers can be considered as an acknowledgment or the proof of received payment. However, they are more than that. Here is an example of how Lien Waivers work: An owner pays fifty thousand dollars and gives a Lien Waiver to the contractor. The contractor receives the payment and signs the document, thus waiving fifty thousand worth of lien rights. That is to say, the contractor promises to not file a lien claim against the property to the extent of the amount stated in the waiver. As a consequence, the owner is protected from the risk of a mechanics lien (which is a security interest in the title to the property for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials that improve the property), and the contractor secures their payment.

This Form is used to release a subcontractor or subvendor from any remaining balance or liens on a construction project.

These instruments are commonly used during various phases of a construction project. They can be exchanged as each service is completed and each party receives payment, either for progress payments or final payments. For this reason, and to avoid any potential misunderstandings, the waiver form should specify the project, the tasked performed, and the materials they are issued for.




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This Form is used to release a subcontractor or subvendor from any remaining balance or liens on a construction project.

This document is used for releasing contractors and vendors from any claims or liens against a property or project once the final payment has been made.

This document is used for waiving a portion of a lien in the state of Indiana.


This form is used for issuing a conditional lien release in the state of California. It is a document that releases a lien on a property under certain conditions.

Fill out this form, issued by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), if you are a mechanic's lien holder and need to sell a vehicle in Indiana. This form is an important part of the sales documentation needed to obtain a certificate of title.

This form is used for releasing a mechanic's lien in the state of Oklahoma. It allows a property owner to officially cancel a lien that was placed on their property by a contractor or subcontractor for unpaid work or materials.

This document is a waiver of lien that contractors in Chicago, Illinois can use to confirm that they have been paid for work completed on a project.

This Form is used for requesting a waiver and release of lien in Russia. It allows the party to waive or release any existing lien on a property or asset.

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