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Are you seeking legal custody, also known as guardianship, of a child? Our collection of legal custody documents can help guide you through the process.

We offer a variety of resources to assist you in establishing legal custody. Whether you're filing for custody in Minnesota, Kansas, Washington, Wisconsin, or any other state, we have the forms you need. Our documents include the Form CHC102 Summons to Establish Custody and Parenting Time, Form 186 Order Appointing Permanent Custodian, Sample Temporary Guardianship Letter for Grandparents, Form FL All Family140 Parenting Plan, and Form FA-614 Order Relating to Paternity/Legal Custody/Physical Placement/Visitation/Child Support/Health Care Expenses.

Our legal custody documents are carefully crafted to ensure compliance with state regulations and help you navigate the legal process smoothly. With our forms, you can confidently move forward in securing legal custody and protecting the best interests of the child.

Whether you're a concerned grandparent, a parent seeking custody, or a legal professional, our comprehensive collection of legal custody documents will meet your needs. Take the first step towards establishing legal custody by accessing our trusted resources today.




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This document is used for revoking a previously signed agreement where one party relinquishes custodial rights.

This form is used for submitting an affidavit of financial support and intent to petition for legal custody for Amerasian immigrants under Public Law 97-359. It provides guidance on fulfilling the financial obligations and demonstrating the intention to petition for legal custody.

This Form is used for creating a custody and visitation agreement in the state of Connecticut. It helps parents come to a mutual agreement regarding the custody and visitation of their child, outlining the rights and responsibilities of each party involved.

This document outlines the schedule and responsibilities of each parent in a child custody arrangement in the state of New York. It ensures that both parents are involved in making decisions and provides guidelines for visitation and child support.

This document is used to request temporary guardianship of a person in New York. It helps establish legal authority for someone to make decisions on behalf of a child or incapacitated adult.

This form is used as an attachment to the FL-341 California Family Courts form. It is for parents who are seeking joint legal custody of their child/children in California.

This form is used for notifying parties involved in a temporary custody hearing in Kansas. It provides information about the hearing and must be filed with the court.

This Form is used for creating a parenting plan in the state of Hawaii. It helps separated or divorced parents outline their agreement regarding child custody, visitation schedule, and other important parental responsibilities.

The primary carers of a child may prepare this type of letter to provide the child's grandparents with the permission to handle the personal and medical matters of the child while their parents or guardians are away.

This form is used for making a decision and issuing an order related to a motion or order to change legal custody, physical placement, child support, maintenance, or other matters in the state of Wisconsin.

This Form is used for obtaining a child protection warrant for a minor who is under the legal custody of a parent or private custodian/guardian in Cook County, Illinois.

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