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A Letter to the Court is a formal document prepared by the individual or company that participates in legal proceedings. Whether you want to get custody of your child, deal with the bankruptcy of your business, or file a lawsuit against your landlord or employer, writing a Letter to a Court during the trial process is the best way to get your point across. When you receive legal correspondence at your residence, you need to respond and express your opinion regarding the legal issue using a Court Letter. You may check out our library below to see our Court Letter templates.

Types of Court Letters  

The templates below represent some of the most popular documents and statements used in different court cases. As long as you follow a standard Court Letter format - appropriate salutation, description of your issue or statement you want to be read in court, references to documents you are going to attach to your letter, and signature that confirms your understanding of the matter at hand - you can customize each of these letters to suit your particular needs.

  • Guardianship Letter. This legal tool allows parents to transfer custody of their children for a certain period of time if they cannot take care of their children because of travel or illness;
  • A Letter of Attestation is written by the court witness who certifies they saw something happen or know something to be accurate. Additionally, it can be used as an attestation for the good character of the defendant;
  • Letter(s) of Administration. Issued by the probate court, this document confirms the nomination of the person responsible for managing the estate of the deceased individual if there was no last will and testament;
  • A Character Reference Letter for Court is completed by people who personally know the individual involved in court proceedings to attest to their qualities and to help the judge to get a better sense of their character to reach a correct decision.

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Sample "Temporary Guardianship Letter for Grandparents"

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The primary carers of a child may prepare this type of letter to provide the child's grandparents with the permission to handle the personal and medical matters of the child while their parents or guardians are away.

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Guardianship Letter Template Letters

Sample "Guardianship Letter in Case of Death"

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Parents or legal guardians of a child (or children) may prepare this form when they want to choose a guardian for their children if they pass away before the children reach adulthood.

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Guardianship Letter Template Letters

Sample "Temporary Guardianship Letter for Vacation"

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The parents or guardians of a child may prepare this type of letter to transfer temporary custody to another adult individual.

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Guardianship Letter Template Letters