Letter of Attestation Template

Letter of Attestation Template

What Is a Letter of Attestation?

A Letter of Attestation is a document used for any type of verification, it is provided to the superior for any kind of certification of a client, worker, student, etc. Basically, it states that you have confirmed that the subject matter of your letter is true and you have witnessed it. For example, you can attest to an employee's excellent achievements and skills for their future promotion or a student's good behavior and marks for their college application. An employee can write an Attestation Letter to confirm their attendance in a training course. Educators or students themselves can submit an Attestation Letter that confirms their knowledge and qualification suitable enough for passing an exam.

Writing a Letter of Attestation is also needed when a new employee needs to prove that they have no criminal recordings or convictions. It is inappropriate to lie or embellish in this kind of letter. The statement has to be clear, to the point, and without any ambiguous words. In some cases, the letter needs to be notarized to have legal validity. A Letter of Attestation template can be found through the link below.


How to Write an Attestation Letter?

There is no generally accepted sample Letter of Attestation or strict form in writing the Attestation Letter. It can be more or less informal depending on the kind of relationship between the sender and the addressee. Only regular rules of politeness have to be followed:

  1. Date of writing the letter.
  2. The sender's contact information: name, address (including city and country), phone number, email.
  3. The addresse's contact information: name (if it is known), address, phone number, email.
  4. Salutation. You have to write the name of the person the letter is directed to. If you do not know the name of the person, you may write "Dear sir/madam" or "To whom it may concern." If the letter is directed to a group of people, for example, subordinates, you may write "Dear employees."
  5. The subject matter of the letter. In this part, you implement the main idea of the letter. You can attest to someone or something. The point of the Attestation Letter is that you have to give your opinion on the subject and confirm it. It is advisable to write the final phrase which clearly confirms the foregoing.
  6. After the main part of the letter assure the addressee of your availability to answer further questions if there will be any.
  7. The signature of the sender. The signature is mandatory as it is the confirmation of your statement.

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