Questionnaire Templates

Questionnaire templates are pre-designed forms or sets of questions that are used to collect information or gather data from individuals or groups of people. They provide a structured framework for gathering specific information by asking a series of questions. Questionnaire templates can be used in various situations, such as conducting surveys, research studies, customer feedback, job applications, event registrations, and more. They save time and effort by providing a standardized format and set of questions that can be easily customized to suit the particular needs of the user.




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This document is a sample template for a questionnaire that is used for conducting telephone or face-to-face interviews. It provides a set of questions that can be asked during the interview process.

This document provides a sample interview questionnaire template for teachers who are applying for positions at the University of Delaware in Delaware. It helps the university interview panel gather information and evaluate candidates during the hiring process.

This document is a questionnaire template used to gather information about someone's dietary habits and nutrition needs. It helps determine the optimal nutrition plan for an individual.


This document is a questionnaire template designed to assess individuals' healthy habits. It can be used to gather information about lifestyle choices and behaviors related to physical activity, nutrition, and overall well-being.

This Form is used for collecting health information from individuals. It typically includes questions about medical history, current symptoms, and lifestyle factors. The information gathered helps healthcare providers assess the individual's health status and make informed decisions about their care.

This form is used for collecting additional information from potential residents applying to Solano Community College in California.

This document is a template for a teacher questionnaire used in the Oecd Teaching and Learning International Survey (Talis).

This document is a Secret Santa Questionnaire Template in black color. It is used to collect information and preferences from participants in order to facilitate the Secret Santa gift exchange.

This document is a template for screening for depression using the PHQ-2 questionnaire. The PHQ-2 is a simple and effective tool for quickly identifying the presence of depressive symptoms in individuals.

This form is used for screening for depression and anxiety with just two questions. It helps healthcare professionals to quickly assess a patient's mental health.

This form is used for collecting information from individuals to determine if Medicare should be the primary or secondary payer for their medical expenses.

This document is a questionnaire template called Beck's Depression Inventory. It is used to assess the severity of depression in individuals.

This document is a template for a questionnaire that is used to gather information from new students. It helps institutions to collect important details about the students and their interests, so that they can provide appropriate support and resources.

This type of document provides a list of sample interview questions that can be used during the hiring process. It helps employers prepare for interviews and assess candidates' skills and qualifications.

This document provides a template for conducting interviews, including questions and guidelines for effective communication. Ideal for employers and human resources professionals.

This type of document provides ten questions that can help in identifying and debunking fake news.

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