Probationary Period Templates

Are you looking for information about the probationary period during employment? Look no further. Our comprehensive collection of documents on the probationary period covers all aspects of this crucial phase in an employee's journey. From performance evaluations to appraisal reports, our templates and forms are designed to ensure a fair and objective assessment of an employee's progress during the probationary period. Whether you are an employer looking for a probationary period contract template or a supervisor needing to fill out a probationary license renewal application, we have got you covered. So, whether you call it a probationary period, a trial period, or an evaluation period, our collection of documents will help you navigate this important phase with ease.




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This document is for evaluating the performance of a new employee during their mid-probationary period.

This document is used for conducting performance reviews during an employee's probationary period.

This document is used for creating a legally binding agreement between an employer and an individual employee in Samoa. It outlines the terms and conditions of the employment relationship, including roles, responsibilities, wages, and benefits.

This Form is used for evaluating an employee's performance during their probationary period and determining if they should be retained or terminated.

This document is used for evaluating the performance of a supervisor or manager during their probationary period in a government agency. It helps assess their skills and abilities in managing and leading a team.

If you are in need of a nanny to provide additional care for your child, this document could be of value in providing guidelines for a potential applicant.

This type of template refers to a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of the professional relationship between the employer and employee in the state of Delaware.

This is a document used in New Hampshire that is signed by both the employee and their employer, once the employee receives a job offer and makes an agreement to work there under the conditions agreed in the contract.

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