Maryland Court of Appeals Forms

The Maryland Court of Appeals is the highest court in the state of Maryland. It serves as the final arbiter on matters of law in the state. The primary function of the Court of Appeals is to review decisions made by lower courts, including the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, and to provide legal interpretations of the law. It ensures that the law is applied correctly and consistently throughout the state. The Court of Appeals also hears appeals in certain criminal cases and has the authority to issue writs and other orders.




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This document is used by attorneys in Maryland to request a Certificate of Good Standing. It verifies that the attorney is admitted to practice law and is in compliance with the state's professional rules and regulations.


This form is used for reporting information related to civil appeals in the state of Maryland. It is used to gather necessary details for processing and tracking civil appeals cases.

This document is used for requesting an informal briefing in the state of Maryland. It allows individuals to seek a less formal setting to discuss a legal matter or case with the court.


This document is used to declare the supervising attorney in the state of Maryland. It verifies the attorney's role and responsibilities in overseeing legal matters.


This document is a brief filed by the appellant in a civil case in Maryland. It provides a summary of the appellant's arguments and requests for the court to review the lower court's decision.

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