FB Form 4986-E, Personal Property Record

FB Form 4986-E, Personal Property Record

What Is FB Form 4986-E?

FB Form 4986-E, Personal Property Record is a form used for recording and tracking any personal property that is estimated to cost around or more than $50. The information provided on the form is later used for claims against the Government for any damage done to that property and for assisting in the recovery of the property if it is ever lost or stolen.

The latest edition of the FB Form 4986-E was released in October 2002 in Fort Bragg, a North Carolina-based military installation of the United States Army. The form replaces the now obsolete May 1981 edition of the DA Form 4986.

FB Form 4986-E Instructions

Filing instructions are as follows:

  1. First, the individual filing has to provide a first-page number and the current date. Several pages of the FB Form 4986-E can be used together. The total number of pages should be specified on the first form after all information is filled in.
  2. The form requires the full name of the owner of the property along with their SSN and signature.
  3. The main part of the form is a chart that will contain information about the property. Each entry has to be numbered and must contain a single item.
  4. The name of the item should contain a general description of the item, while the brand name, model or style, and other description should include specifics. Additional identifying information may include the manufacturer, the model name or model number, the color, and size of the item.
  5. The third column should contain the total quantity of the items.
  6. If the item has a serial number or marking, it should be specified in the next column. If there is none, the owner has to mark the item with the first initial of their last name and the last four digits of their Social Security Number.
  7. If the purchase date is known, that should be indicated under ‘Date Acquired’. If the owner does not know or remember the specific date, the box can be left blank.
  8. The Value box should contain the price of the item when it was purchased. If there is more than one item (for example - multiple CDs), the owner should enter the total value of the entire batch.
  9. The verifying NCO or officer has to verify that the service member owns the property they are claiming to have and the accuracy of descriptions by signing and dating the form.