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What Is DA Form 2627 Series?

The DA 2627 Forms are used to document the procedures of investigation and imposition of nonjudicial punishment under Article 15, UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). This type of punishment is usually applied in cases that involve minor offenses, and in which nonpunitive measures are inappropriate or inadequate.

The series includes three forms in total:

Procedural guidelines and additional information on the DA Form 2627, DA Form 2627-1, and DA Form 2627-2 can be found in the AR 27–10, Military Justice. All forms in the series are completed and sent to personnel to inform them about the initiation of Article 15 proceedings and to record the investigation process, the imposed punishment, and any supplementary action. The same forms are used to appeal the punishment.

The personnel in charge of initiating the DA 2627 forms and imposing nonjudicial punishment are Army commanders at all levels. If the authority of a specific commander is limited or insufficient to impose a proper punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the case may be transferred to a superior.

All filled-in records must be destroyed if the alleged perpetrator is deemed innocent during the course of the investigation.



DA Form 2627 "Record of Proceedings Under Article 15, Ucmj"

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This form is used to document the details of proceedings under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) that permits commanders to administratively discipline troops without a court-martial.

DA Form 2627-2 "Record of Supplementary Action Under Article 15, Ucmj"

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This form is used to document any supplementary action taken by an appropriate authority to vacate, mitigate, suspend, remit, or set aside a punishment.

DA Form 2627-1 "Summarized Record of Proceedings Under Article 15, Ucmj"

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This form is used to reflect and document the summarized informal Article 15 proceedings.

DD Form 2627 "Request Form for Government Approval for Aircrew Qualifications and Training"

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