What Is DA Form 137 Series?

The DA 137 Forms is an out-processing forms packet released by the U.S. Department of the Army (DA) and used with Permanent Change of Station (PCS) readiness paperwork or pre-separation clearance verification paperwork.

Fillable versions of the DA 137 Forms are available for download below. The series consists of two forms in total:

  1. DA Form 137-1, Unit Clearance Record, is a form used for ensuring the Soldier’s readiness before PCS and for receiving clearance verification before transitioning, transferring, or retiring from active duty. The form is used as a means of recording that all debts to the government and its instrumentalities are paid in full before the Soldier leaves the Army.
  2. DA Form 137-2, Installation Clearance Record, is another document used prior to a PCS, transitioning from active duty, transferring to another service or component, discharge, or retirement. The DA 137-2 is used to verify that any debt to the government was repaid before the Soldier’s transition from active duty, separation or retirement.

Both of these forms need to be dated and signed by authorized personnel before the Soldier can receive clearance for PCS or separation.

The packet - sometimes confused with the DD Form 137 Series - is designed to assist the Soldier and their installation in completing their final clearance. Soldiers are responsible for ensuring that both forms are completed properly. Failure to correctly complete DA Form 137-1 and DA Form 137-2 will result in the Soldier receiving only 55% of their final pay. No final military pay appointments or separation payments will be released until both out-processing forms are received and approved.



DA Form 137-1 "Unit Clearance Record"

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This is a form used to ensure a service member's readiness for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), as well as for completing clearance verification before transitioning from active duty, transferring to another service or component, separation, discharge or retirement.

DA Form 137-2 "Installation Clearance Record"

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This is a form used during preparation for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) in order to close out installation personnel and finance records.