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What Is DA Form 1574 Series?

The DA 1574 Forms is a two-part set of reporting forms released by the U.S. Department of the Army (DA) and used for recording the process of an administrative investigation, presenting its findings, and providing recommendations for after-investigation actions.

The purpose of each investigation is to ascertain facts, collect and document evidence, and then report the collected data to the appointing authority. The appointing authority elects an Investigation Officer (IO) or Board of Officers (BO) to perform the investigations and make recommendations according to their findings. The choice between them is made according to the purpose of the fact-finding, the seriousness of the subject matter, the complexity of the issues, the need for recording, and applicable regulations.

After receiving the results of the investigation, the appointing authority must decide on the required actions based on the up-to-date description of the situation. The recommendations given by the IO or BO may become a valuable source of ideas for further action.

Fillable versions of the DA 1574 Forms are available for download below. The series includes two forms in total: 

  1. DA Form 1574-1, Report of Proceedings by Investigating Officer, is used for reporting investigations carried out by an IO. The report provides an assessment of the situation, identifies the timeline of the investigation, and reports the results.
  2. DA Form 1574-2, Report of Proceedings by the Board of Officers, is used for recording BO-led investigations.

The authentication processes vary: while the IO needs to singlehandedly confirm the accuracy of their report accuracy, BO-led investigations require every participating member to provide their assessment and certify the report.




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This form is used within the U.S. Army for documenting facts of an investigation, presenting its findings, and giving recommendations for after-investigation actions.

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