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What Is DA Form 7223 Series?

The DA 7223 Forms is a two-piece set of forms released by the U.S. Department of the Army (DA) and used in evaluating the performance of the civilian employees within the U.S. Army.

Fillable versions of the DA 7223 Forms are available for download below. The series includes two forms in total:

  1. DA Form 7223, Base System Civilian Evaluation Report, is the main form used for evaluating the performance of the civilian employee. The form is prepared by the rating chain at the end of each annual rating period and documents the results of the evaluation. This evaluation includes an assessment of the employee’s daily performance, their skills, and overall potential for promotion or a bonus.
  2. DA Form 7223-1, Base System Civilian Performance Counseling Checklist/Record, is a supporting form for DA Form 7223 and is used during the face-to-face discussions that are a required part of the evaluation process. The counseling checklist is required for recording the dates and key points made at each session during the rating period and is used only with a copy of the main DA 7223.

Total Army Performance Evaluation System

The Total Army Performance Evaluation System (TAPES) is the Army’s system for planning and appraising employee performance and is a key feature in the DA Form 7223 Series. The following personnel is applicable for evaluation under TAPES:

  • Employees in the Senior Executive Service;
  • National Guard technicians under 32 USC 709, paid local national wage rates for the area in which they are employed; and
  • Employees occupying temporary positions for which employment won't exceed 120 days in a consecutive 12-month period.

The evaluations happen annually over a period of at least 120 days. Within the first thirty days of the evaluation period, the employee has to prepare a performance plan. The performance plan must include a list of responsibilities, a pre-printed set of performance standards, and individual work and professional development expectations.

The rating process includes supervision and at least one face-to-face discussion with a rater. The counseling will include a discussion concerning the employee’s overall performance, their potential for promotion, job expectations, needs, difficulties, and any other possible issues. At the end of the rating period, the rater will prepare a report with an assessment of the employee’s performance.

Additional information and filing guidelines for DA Form 7223 and DA Form 7223-1 can be found in the Army Regulation 690–400, Chapter 4302 Total Army Performance Evaluation System.




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This form is for rating the achievements of civilian employees under the Total Army Performance Evaluation System (TAPES).

The form is used as a tool for discussing and documenting personal job expectations and individual achievements of civilian employees within the U.S. Army.

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