DA Form 1059-1 Civilian Institution Academic Evaluation Report

DA Form 1059-1 Civilian Institution Academic Evaluation Report

What Is DA Form 1059-1?

DA Form 1059-1, Civilian Institution Academic Evaluation Report , is a form used for recording the evaluation of soldiers pursuing an education in a civilian educational facility. The 1059-1 DA Form was last revised by the Department of the Army (DA) on March 1, 2019 .

The form is often confused with DA Form 1059, Service School Academic Evaluation Report, and is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the "DD Form 1059-1." A fillable up-to-date version of the DA Form 1059-1 is available for download and digital filing down below or can be found on the Army Publishing Directorate website.

Who Signs a DA Form 1059-1?

To be valid, the DA 1059-1 must be signed by the representative of the civilian educational institution that the rated soldier has attended or is attending. The space for the signature is provided at the end of Section II. The form also requires the signatures of the reviewer and the rated soldier at the bottom of the form. A Senior Army Advisor, the soldier's supervisor, an Academic Advisor, or a Professor of Military Science may act as raters during the evaluation. All signatures and reports are reviewed by the Army Community Service Office.

DA Form 1059-1 Instructions

The U.S. Army Soldier Support Center initiates the Evaluation Report and provides copies of the form to Active Duty soldiers attending classes at civilian educational facilities. All soldiers completing courses at civilian institutions on a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) for at least 20 weeks will be required to participate in the evaluation.

  1. Section I contains the personal identifying information of the soldier and is filled in by an Installation Education Services Officer.
  2. Section II requires the name and address of the institution, the personal data of its representative, and a full description of the soldier's performance according to the regular standards of the institution. This part is completed by the authoritative representative of the civilian institution.
  3. The last section is for an administrative review and a conclusion on whether or not the soldier has successfully completed or failed the course.
  4. If the soldier participates in a long-term civilian educational program (a program over 12 months long), an interim Form DA 1059-1 must be filed 12 months into the course. New reports should be prepared annually up until the end of the program or course.

How to Print DA Form 1059-1?

DA Form 1059 can be filled digitally and submitted to usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.opmd-army-acs@mail.mil or printed and mailed to the Advanced Civilian Schools Branch (AHRC-OPL-C) at 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Dept. 290, Fort Knox, Kentucky 40122-5209.


What Is a DA Form 1059-1 Used For?

It is crucial to regularly check on the performance of a soldier that attends a civilian institution and see how they develop - by carrying out individual evaluations, authorized raters will be able to confirm the achievements of students as well as observe the accomplishment of a particular school.

The performance of the student is supposed to be assessed in conformity with the standards established by the dean of the school - the person rating the student will be able to find out whether they meet these standards, exceed them, or fail to succeed academically and later give their recommendations regarding potential promotion or assignment to positions with significant responsibilities.

DA Form 1059-1 Instructions

DA Form 1059-1 instructions are as follows:

  1. Provide information about the student - their full name, Department of Defence identification number, rank, branch, specialty, and component . You need to state the title and duration of the course in question, specify the name of the school and its location, enter the number of documents you attach to the form, and add the email address of the rated student.

  2. Clarify the reason to prepare the report . In some instances, the form is filled out when the student managed to complete the course or terminated their training, failed to meet the requirements set for the course, or there is a reason for an unscheduled evaluation in the opinion of the Army Human Resources Command. Specify the reason for attendance if this is an initial report whose purpose is to see how well the student is doing at the start of the program that lasts two years or more.

  3. Analyze the performance and abilities of the student . Indicate whether they support the efforts of the Army to eliminate sexual harassment and assault as well as equal opportunity treatment for all personnel, verify the completion of the fitness test, and record their height, weight, and overall grade point average. Assess the skills of the student - their written and oral communication abilities, capability to conduct research and analysis, and note strong points and weaknesses you have witnessed. In case there are any special projects required by the course, write down the titles of completed works in a field designed for that purpose.

  4. Identify yourself by your full name and title . State the actual date, include your email address and phone number, and sign the instrument. The role of the rater is fulfilled by the faculty advisor, the chairperson of a particular department, or the dean authorized to evaluate the student - they confirm the authenticity of the document as the academic advisor. Give the document to the student to read and sign. If this is a referred report, they get to offer their comments regarding derogatory information the report may contain.

  5. Send the paperwork to the Student Detachment of the Army Medical Department or the Advanced Education Programs Branch of the Army Human Resources Command - they will conduct the administrative review performing the duties of the administrative reviewer. They will answer "yes" or "no" confirming the student completed the course or did not do it, add their remarks, and include up to three assignments the student may be suitable for. The administrative reviewer also states their name, title, and contact details, records the organization they belong to, dates and signs the paperwork.

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