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What Is DA Form 3433 Series?

The DA 3433 Forms are used during the application for non-appropriated fund employment. Non-appropriated funds (NAF) employment is considered federal employment. The main difference from federal service is the source of money for NAF salaries. NAF employees are paid with money self-generated by daycare facilities, bowling centers, golf courses, and other activities that employ these individuals.

Non-appropriated Fund Employment requires a total of three Department of Army-issued forms: DA Form 3433, DA Form 3433-1, and DA Form 3433-2.

Both DA Form 3433 and DA Form 3433-1 are obligatory and must be completed upon hire or submitted instead of a resume. Each individual position will require its own two copies of both forms.

How to Apply for NAF Positions?

All applicants must submit an application and a resume in person or by mail or fax. Resumes may also be submitted electronically by following the specific instructions in each job listing.

Applications and resumes are valid for 90 days after the receipt date. Applicants must use their legal name as listed on their social security card. Individuals selected for a position will need to present their actual social security cards during the hiring process.

Employees with regular NAF appointments are eligible for a variety of benefits and compensations: health and life insurance, awards, retirement plan, 401(k), annual leave, sick leave, military leave, administrative leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, court leave, overtime pay, holiday pay, Sunday premium pay, workers' compensation, and unemployment compensation.



DA Form 3433 "Application for Nonappropriated Fund Employment"

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This form is used by military personnel applying for federal employment (NAF). It serves the same purpose as a resume, i.e. to evaluate if the skills and experience of an applicant fit a certain position.

DA Form 3433-2 "Supplemental-A Employment Application Form for Child-Youth Services Positions"

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This form is used by soldiers applying to federal (NAF) positions requiring child care. The DA 3433-2 must accompany forms DA 3433 and DA 3433-1 in all employment applications for child- and youth care-related jobs.

DA Form 3433-1 "Supplemental Employment Application Form"

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This document is a necessary addition to the application and is filed by service members selected for non-appropriated fund employment.