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What Is DA Form 4591 Series?

The DA 4591 Forms are a series of documents released by the Department of the Army (DA) and used for the purposes of the Army Retention Program. The Army Retention Program is the program designed to dissuade Active Duty Soldiers from separating from the Army and to help them re-enlist or transfer into the Reserve Component (RC).

These forms are used by commanders and career counselors as a management tool for ensuring that the required regular retention counseling interviews are being provided to Soldiers through their Army careers. The series consists of three forms in total:

Army Retention Data Worksheet

The goals of the Army Retention Program are to re-enlist sufficient numbers of Soldiers on a long-term basis in order to the Army’s readiness requirements. Soldiers who are planning on separating from the Regular Army must be encouraged to re-enlist or transfer into the Reserve Component.

The program also offers support to special programs such as the United States Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS) and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Green to Gold programs.

The Army Retention Data Worksheet (DA Form 4591) is used for recording retention counseling sessions and is maintained together with DA Form 4591-1 and DA Form 4591-2 in a single file for each unit. The file contains copies of DA Form 4591-1 and DA Form 4591-2 along with records of all inspections reports, Staff Assistance Visit (SAV) findings, and DA 4591 Forms filed by year and month for each Soldier in a unit.



DA Form 4591 "Retention Counseling Record"

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This form is used by commanders and career counselors to record the results of retention counseling as part of the Army Retention Program.

DA Form 4591-1 "Status of the Retention Data Worksheets"

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This document summarizes the assigned strength of a single unit and provides the status of all individual DA Form 4591 copies used by the service members of that unit.

DA Form 4591-2 "Record of Inspections Conducted"

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This form is used for recording all inspections and Staff Assisted Visit (SAV) evaluations of the commander's Army Retention Program.